Chaeho and Gilwon! (:

On Sat, accompanied Chaeho and Gilwon to ICA..
Cos Chaeho lost his foreign student pass and is currently considered an ‘illegal immigrant’.
Oh well, I had other things to settle as well.

Supposed to meet them at 8, but I overslept cos I was talking to Shishi till late the night before!
:P Oops.
But ended up, we completed what we needed to do fast and were done by 10.
All of us were hungry, so got Daddy to drop us at Bugis for some light meal.

Took them to Toastbox!

It was a treat from Chaeho!
So nice of him (:
Ordered some thick toast – Peanut butter, floss and butter.
But all of us agreed that butter’s still the best!

Trying the Milo Dinosaur!
Apparently they were clubbing the night before and were rather shagged!


Brought them to Bugis Village after which..

They got Starfruit juice.. but didn’t quite like it!

Banny and me.

The two gangsters! LOL

And for the first time in their lives..

They touched DURIANS!
A pity though we didn’t get to try it..
Long story!

Brought them to Kwan Im Temple!

As the 3 of us were Christians/Catholics…
Only Banny prayed and got some qian…
But apparently the interpretation was quite bad..

After which, we were all tired from the walking and went to Chin Chin to wait for the rest :)
That’s the place my family always hang out (:

And finally Jen, YZ, Jieyin, Bryan, Junhong were here!

Ordered some really nice Hainanese food..
Like the pork chop, chicken rice!

But I think they were pretty full, so only Gilwon really enjoyed it…

Everyone outside the restaurant!

Brought them to bowling afterwards..
Cos they were too full for durians.
But Jieyin, Bryan and Junhong left us for their stuff halfway through..
So it was only us, YZ and Jen and the Koreans :(

Me! :)
As usual, below 100 and longkang lover.

The pro too.



Both of them!

He lied to me that he’s a below 100 player -_-”

Very pro!

Both of them!

Whose skinny legs!


Heh, loving the specs I got from Hanoi!

Anyway, after which, they had to leave for tuition at 4..
So it was only me and Ban left..
Yz and Jen went dating too.
Two of us were walking aimlessly..
Haven’t done that in such a long time, but feels really good.

Found oureslves in the spectacles shop unknowingly..
Actually I did have an intention of heading there..
Cos I kinda crushed one of my old specs while sleeping.
But feeling really broke so was thinking about whether I wanted to get a new pair.

Ban with his new stud he got in River Island.

And decided to make my Hanoi frames instead!
Didnt cost that much, only $35.
I even found out that my degree went down by 125!
Happy. 75 on my left and 50 on my right!
But slight astig now. :(
While waiting for the new specs!

On our way back to my house for dinner!

My new specs!

A nice closure to the first part of our hectic semester..
And a nice start to the recess week ahead.


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