Tengy’s ULTRA Late Bday Celebration: Disaster Movie, Kim Gary and B&Js!

Brought my Kuku specs out this time!

And ended up with so many lame photos before school even started.

Ok and now, we are heading to meet the Tsks!

Oops. Caught snacking.

Ha! I like this photo.

Stuffing it into his nostrils.

Mr Old-Act-Young.

Went Vivo to walk around and check out F21 and River Island.
Got a call from Jingie later on..
And saw her upstairs with the balloons!
Poor girl..
Must be so embarrassed!

Told Evie to count 20 seconds before coming upstairs.
And when he did..
I surprised him with the…


And that little boy was so happy -_-”

He insisted on taking with me…
Can’t be helped!

Hai.. Some people are naturally kuku.
But could sense he was really happy (:
Love making people happy.

And it was good that Jingie stuffed this bun into him.

Many more buns.

And see.. he goes around taking photos with anything he sees.
So as long it fits into the picture with his elmo.

LOMO in PageOne.
My first time in PageOne btw!
I think I will head there again..

And finally Tengy and Jaspi came!

Tengy’s nice side profile.

The boy was so embarrassed!


The 26s.

The three boys.

Thought they look the same with the colours of balloon and their shirts.

Haha, with Shishi who is finally here (:

Ended up in Kim Gary!
Not bad, though I still prefer C. Nai HK Cafe!
It was a long wait, so I went to Diva and got Shishi and Jingie some similar wooden bracelets so now all 3 of us have it! :D
Evie and Tengy went out, one to take photo while the other.. even had the thought of letting go the ballons..
But he didn’t in the end so that’s fine.

Spongebob says, “I’m going!”

Some really nice scenery shots that Ban took.

Aiyo, the beef was so hard to bite.

Shishi and her really nice Mango + Coconut Milk!

The twins!

And as usual, at every single outing, we always had our laughs and jokes and such.
Check this series out.

And it was my turn to take with Elmo!
As insisted by Ban.

The ladies!

With my favourite boy!

And it was time for Disaster Movie.
Quite a disappointment actually..
I think I’d rather watch High School twice.

Haiyo Jingie…
Please… I think you have better taste!

Elmo was not allowed into the cinema!
And had to be kept outside. :(

After the movie, Tengy treated us to Ben and Jerry’s! :)
Went to the rooftop as there were no seats.
But I think I’d prefer to be upstairs at any time.
It was a laughter-filled night with yummylicious icecream!

Like an illegal gathering.

Check out Shishi’s greedy face!

And I have no idea wth Ban was doing here.

And Jaspi’s ultra black face..

One pic to end it off..
After all, what’s photos without some narcissim from Ban as usual?
:) And thanks for the night Tsks!


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