Tengy’s Surprise and Ikea Lunch!

On the 14th!
Aka… Mooncake Festival!
We celebrated Tengy’s 26th!
Although his actual was on the 15th…

Preparing the house for the atmosphere!

The durian cake from Dino!
Which my parents brought when they came for the party!
So Tengy didnt suspect anything!



Tengy was in the room writing his notes for us!
Yes, he was supposed to write 100 words chinese essay about the good things for each of us :P

Cake on table!



Let’s help!
Oh cos it was relighting candles, any slight wind will just light it up.

Btw, did you notice the wall behind is TY?
We replaced Jo with that!
Haha reuse and recycle!

You are 26!
Start believing it!

Then it was Mahjong that night..
Wahlao, played 2 feng until 3am, can die..
Cos the game stuck at Ban for really long.

Btw, before that he drank Vodka..
That explains why he so kuku looking.

Very scary!
And funny too when he plays Mahjong!

The rather sane people even after drinking Vodka!

Anyway, by the time I waited for everyone to finish bathing..
It was already 4am..
Chaoji shagged..
And Ban already dozed off.. :(

The next morning, we wanted to go for Roti Prata..
But stopped at Ikea instead!

Ok, too tired for words..
So I will leave the talking to the photos again..
That’s all for my 21st.
Just wanted to thank everyone who made it possible..

Jingie – For listening to my rants, suggestions and lameness throughout the month during the preparation for my party..
For accompanying me to buy party supplies and helping me with everything she could even when she was so busy with her schoolwork and all!
Thank you sweetie!

Banny – For accompanying me to buy supplies and laughing at me when I come up with silly stuff to do… And for the advices and all to keep closely to the theme..

Tengy, Jaspi, Guang, Gerald – For helping with the decorations and preparation before the party and all! (: Appreciate it!

Everyone else – Who came by and made the evening such a wonderful one! Thank you too!


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