21st At Home!

After picking up my Tiramisu cake..
I went back home and dozed off till 415pm.
And that’s when the phone rang, and Ban told me sth will be arriving soon.
I was still in a daze..
And that’s when I rolled over my specs and crushed it.
How sad :(
Anw, minutes later..
The bell rang.
I opened the door.
And was so stunned for words.
Staring at me, was a bike…!
Something which I was truly not expecting at all!
Thank you Ban :)
I will take a photo when I bring it out soon!

And soon enough, my parents came home with my aunt..
Then the bell rang again..
And my cousins were here.
OMG! I was in a mess, not at all dressed up..
My cousin’s gf prob got a shock man!
Quickly went to bathe, made up, and then…
Food came and all..
There was no time to breathe..
But thank goodness Daddy was there to help!

Liang Food Caterer!

Paternal and Maternal side!

Time to blow…
But though I didn’t really get to..
The two kids beside me were faster! LOL.
I am officially 21!


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