21st Party at Aloha! – Part II

While we were perspiring outside..
Some people were enjoying themselves in the airconditioned rooms!
Check out!

And soon it was time for cake cutting!
Before this, RZ and Jingie were helping me host the games…
I had no time to sit down and play :(
But hope everyone had fun!

The sunflower from CX and Shishi! (:

Group photos!


SoC Suhili!





AJ 10/04


Daddy and Mommy!

And last but not least…

Yours truly!

Then comes the birthday song, lighting of candles, cake cutting and etc.
Which was all facilitated by the Tsks!
Thank you so much :)

Lighting of Candles!

This time round, I had Banny next to me!

Wishing yet again! :)

Time to blow!

And cut!

Zhigen and RZ

Tengy, Jaspi, Shishi and CX

Cake cutters at work!

Waiting for their cakes :P
Shishi and Jackie!

Hungry people!

Ha and it was lucky draw time! :P
Actually, those were supposed to be group presents..
But oh well.

For the person who helped in hosting even though he was nursing a sore throat!
Thank you RZ!


The caterer then came by to collect the food trays..
And finally it was time for us to rest..
What a long day..
Sat down inside the room..
There was another surprise coming on..
But this time round it was for Tengy!

My pressies!

Reading and opening my gifts!

Pressie from Jingie’s mommy!

Pressies from the Tsks and such! (:
So frigging happy! I got my adidas watch! Yayyy!

And I got a polaroid too! :D
So that explains our photos.
In fact we were so bloody excited about the first one..
Even when it says distinctively “It’s not a film”
The four ladies were so damn excited with Jaspi and Ban there that we didn’t notice!

Tengy’s card!

To be continued!


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