21st Party at Aloha! Part I

Woke up the next morning..
All refreshed for the party later. :)

My attire for the night!

The oh-so-messy dresser of mine!

Bunk beds!


Went out for breakie!

On our way to Shuttle!

On Shuttle!

At Xin Wang! :)
Gave them a treat!

After which, Ban left for home..
Telling me that his dad is unhappy..
When actually he was preparing for another surprise for me! :)
Guang went home to get clothes for tonight’s party..
So, with Jaspi, Tengy and Jingie..
We headed to Popular, in a bid to find something to cover up the ugly wall.
And thank goodness they were selling these really nice aluminium foil papers in purple, pink and silver.
Yes, just what I need ;)
Bold and bright!
Then headed down to NTUC where Tengy and Jaspi got their Yoghurts!
After waiting for the non-existent shuttle bus, we cab our way back to Aloha!
Preparation starts after which!



The wriststraps for playing games later on :)

The almost finished wall!
All done by Tengy (paper cutter), Jaspi (Wall Sticker), Jingie (Double Sider Tape Sticker) and Jo (Rubbish Collector).

And soon it was time to decorate the cake!

Lovely? :D

Time for some balloon blowing!

Streamers folding..
This was the hardest to do..
Needed alot of patience and concentration..

And soon came Ban…

With his twin and dad..
With my surprise!

21 balloons!
(: Thank you dahling!

And then came Guang and Gerald..
Who were supposed to be my guests but ended up helping me with the decos as well!

Really appreciate all the help guys!

The complete wall! :)

Soon enough, came CX and Shishi..
With sunflowers for me :)
Thank you dahlings…
How did you know it was my fave flower? :)
And it was time for the girls to prep a little!

Nails painting time!

Violet came shortly after that!
Haven’t seen her in ages and she’s looking prettier!

Since not everyone was here yet…
It was time for some phototaking!

Back in the room!

This photo was very unintentional..
Jing said that balloon came down just as she was about to snap!
How comical!

Giving out of wristbands!

Everyone’s all dressed up, waiting for food to arrive..

Which finally came at 6.


The party outside..
The house was freakin stuffy without aircon!
The fans just continously blow hot air.

With Vic and Sooyein!

Choonsiong, Vic and Zh

Jaimie, Sooyein and Vic

With the JC Pals!

Shishi with Guang and Gerald!

With Fel and PK!

Shishi and Justin!

Ban and Justin

Vio with the guys!

CX with Ban

Gerald and Ban!

With most of the uni pals!

Dave, Ade, RZ

RZ, Ban, Me, Dave and Ade

Having fun with the balloons!

Dave, Ban, Ade and Justin!

Ban and Jackie!

Gerald, Guang, Vio, Myself and CX!

Banny and me having fun!

Soon after, Ade joined in as well!

Daddy and Mommy!
Who came over at around 9pm

In the house!



Raymond and Jackie

Jaspi, Tengy and Jingie!

Jingie and Shishi


Guang and Gerald

Justin and Shishi!

RZ, Guang, Gerald, Zhigen and Ban

Jackie and CX!

Guang and CX!

CX and Vio!

Zhigen and me!

RZ, PK, Fel and Dior!

With the Raffles Babes!

And the JC Class!

Having fun in the house!

Jackie and Raymond

Continue to Part 2…


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