My 21st… Spent in school, and with my dears.

On the 12th… I went home late…
Hence missing the auspicious time of 12am where my parents will wish me happy birthday..
All thanks to suayness…
But I had Ban with me at 12am..
So he was the first to give me a hug and kiss on my 21st :)
Thank you Banban.

The next morning…
We met at 10am, cos meeting Val in school for lunch.
And the silly boy got me Cookies and Cream cake from Secrets Recipe.
Oh how I miss that cake! :P

Letters from the sweet one!
And thanks Auntie for the hongbao!

Met Val, but we were about 15minutes late!
Sorry girl! :)
And I received my first 21st pressie!
And am loving it so much that I have been wearing it in school ever since I got it! :D
Thank you dear, oh and Maurice in US too :P
You are really sweet!

The sweet one!

Got a call from HK later..
And they asked why I am still having school when its my bday!
Rushed home after CS3241 tutorial.
It ended late, so I reached home around 630pm.

Mad rush for time!
Pack, bathe, collect cake, pick Ban!
And Daddy got lost in Kaki Bukit area!
Sigh. So I only reached at 9pm!
Sorry Jingie! You had to be alone for so long!
And I was pleasantly surprised to see Guang there!!
Haven’t got a chance to catch up with him ever since he was back from Aussie!

Stoning and playing around in the chalet waiting for Jaspi and Tengy!
Heh, that is the Pinata which I was supposed to hit during the party..
But oh well, didn’t manage time properly so no time for that!

Played some really lame and funny games when Jaspi and Tengy came..
Such as the “Pick a Q from the Hat”.
We were all supposed to write questions we wanted to ask anyone and put it in a hat.
Well, I thought my questions were bad enough.
TURNED out, the really “INNOCENT” Evie was in fact MORE DIRTY!!!
OMG. And Jaspi, Jing and Guang’s questions were the innocent ones.
Only Tengy, mine and Evan were killer!
But we had fun laughing and drinking. :)
Then at around 11plus..
They surprised me with a cake, a tiara and sash!

The cake was recommended by Tengy!
His friend was the baker, and I wanted to order it originally, but as it was too over budget..
So I decided against it..
And they were so nice they got it for me :)

My dear bestie, being a dear as ever, actually rmb what I said in the party shop about the sash!
And she sewn me one!
Ultimate diabetes! Thank you!! (:


Oh and my tiara has light!

All complete! :)
Felt like a total princess.
But somehow, the specs spoilt it. :(
SIGH! Which princess wears specs HUH HUH!

With my prince!
LOL. Ok la, let me indulge in some fantasy ok just for today. :P

Making a wish.
Somehow I feel like I make the same wish every single year..
Every single time.
Oh well, but it comes true every year :)

The ghost set free.


Everyone’s waiting for me to cut faster…
Cos they can’t wait to eat.


Some even gave up waiting and started taking photos..

Jing: “Wah lao, why cut so slow! Faster please, its making me hungry!”

Jing: “Goodness! Why are you still cutting? LET ME DO IT! I am faster!”

And finally…
Look at the ‘Mars’ bar flowing…
And the Rochers that are peeking out!

Jing: “Finally… BUT WHERE’S MINE! That big piece supposed to be mine!”

“OK FINALLY, happy and guilty.”

Laugh and laugh till…
My lovely tiara fell into Guang’s cake! HOW SAD!!!

Ah, wedding photo!

Happy Tengy who ate one huge piece!
Cos Ban couldn’t finish the piece that I gave him!
And that night, we were all guilty, sinful but very happy people.

Especially me!
Cos I spent the most meaningful day with most of the people I wanted to..
My parents, Banny, Jingie, Jaspi, Tengy, Guang, Val and…
The cockroaches in Aloha Loyang Garden Terrace I!

Thank you for the surprises sweets..
Especially the lovely sash Jingie :)
You are a really good sewing machine. ;)
“Will you marry me please?” *AHEM*


9 responses to “My 21st… Spent in school, and with my dears.

  1. YES I WILL!
    (even though you posted all that disgusting photos)

    BUT.. but.. but.. Singapore still doesnt allow same sex marriage leh ):


  2. haha.. which princess wear specs one!? u lo!! heheh.

    self declared marriage loh.. wahahah.

  3. Jing>>

    MMMMMM nevermind I be the guy then!

  4. Jaspi >> :( :(
    I like your display pic! so you!

    What self-declared… someone also got say looooo *shy*

  5. OK!
    on ah, tml we go ROM (((:

    you be the guy.. means you must buy me my diamond ring.

  6. I can be the witness HAHA ^_^

  7. you can be the priest :D

  8. Mmm. Me the ring bearer ok? So I can use the diamond ring from the previous person. ;)

  9. no leh. ure suppose to marry me? what ring bearer?! haha.

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