Another Lazy Day

Finally caught up with my work today..
I am finally in control of my life again.
But really tired, feel like my body is giving way soon..

Anyway, Jingie was being sweet again, bringing over tarts and bubble tea..
Bribe my mom.. now she’s telling me how nice Jingie is..

What is there to look forward in life?
I used to think, get the f out of school and start working..
Maybe I’d be happier..
After I met Tengy, then I feel, maybe work is not that good after all..
No time for yourself, your friends, your family and people who you really care for..

When you get old and unhealthy.. you may or may not enjoy retirement..
Seriously.. what’s the point?
I feel like a slave to my life.
Oh well, just another emo night.


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