Wenshan’s Birthday Celebrations! (:

午安 from NM3223 tutorial..

In the late afternoon, we made our way to Orchard.. in a bid to find my birthday attire.
Oh well.
Took some photos, to try out the Shutter Speed and Aperture we learnt.

Met them at Lorong 8 for some crabs today…
Cos it was Wen Shan’s birthday soon.. 1st Sept.
But omg, its really ridiculous.
Made reservations still have to wait for an hour plus for the food.
So all 7 of us squeezed in Yuanqiang’s car..
It was a mad 10 minutes squeeze!
To Botak Jones at Braddell!

Had my first Tiramisu..
With 宝贝儿.
I think I know why you must have your virgin taste of Tiramisu with the one you love the most..


And the pizza arrived!

Shy Christin.

Gave Wen Shan her pressie!

The four of time, Christin, Wen Shan, Debbie and Mei Zhen.

And here’s our food..

Cajun Chicken

Fish and Chips

My Lamb Chop remains..

Umm, actually I don’t find the food there really nice..
Ate better ones as well..
And its cheaper somemore..
But then again, its the company (:

再见from the two of us!
生日快乐, WenShan! :)


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