Gilwon, Comex Show 2008, Ban’s New Specs and Cheeky Chocolate


We met up with Gilwon, another ICU student who’s over at NUS for an exchange.
He commented that he hates YONG TAU FOO ALOT.
Well, I am pretty surprised..
Anyway, he said he missed Kimchi.. and so we brought him to the Jap stall which is selling Korean food now.

In the afternoon…

We were headed to the IT Show with Bryan..

And Ban collected his new specs!

I don’t find it overly nice..
Think he still look better with the old one..

At night, Ban knew I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch..
So he brought me to this Cheeky Chocolate which was near the bus stop we always alight at Thomson Road..
Disappointing… But the company was nice as always :)

宝贝儿and me!

His new slippers from ABCMart in Korea!

Us again!


Us and the nice looking crepes but not that nice-tasting after all!

But thanks for the sweet thought Banban, 心领了!


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