SoC 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Met Evie at 530pm today.
Oops. Supposed to meet everyone else at 540pm..

Anyway… we were heading to SoC Gala Dinner!
It’s our 10th Anniversary!
Everything was great..
Except for the flu.. :(
And I wore the new dress I got from Korea!
And the Freshkon contacts..
So pardon the scary looking eyes…
Need to clear this lens…
Came FOC when I took part in MSW.

On the way as usual!
Actually after I come back from ISP, I realised…
I am starting to love Evie even more than before..
Yes, despite all the quarrels we have…
It’s just normal… communication btw us. ;)
Heh… my soulmate. :)

In Hilton waiting for them..
We told them we were going straight..
Ended up we were earlier.. slightly. :)
Cos they were gonna cab here due to the rain..

The arrival of the impt people :)

Guess what?
We sneaked Jingie and Tengy in using Shishi and Guang’s matric cards ;)

Bryan and Evie with Prof Tan.

Evie with Candy, my freshie!

Evie, Jaspi, myself and Mihail, our CS2103 tutor!
He’s really nice (:


Jingie and her red hot nails!

Ha… btw.. someone asked when are we getting married today.. -_-”
Still early dears..
I haven’t celebrated my 21st!

Nice balloons!
And not so nice… looking… scrub-like lighting.

With Murni!
Who always call us Lovebirds. :P

Bryan, Murni and Evie!

With Candy! (:

Our balloons!
Kop-ed them!


The Dean!

Evie and his wine glass.. filled with sprite.

Bryan Jingie and Tengy!

Like this photo!

Haiyo, I look very tanned next to Evie :(

Popping the unpoppable champagne!


Food served..


The Vietnam students we were sitting with!

Evie and the super smart guy (:
Quite cute too.

I think she looks better with long hair!

Bestie and best bf. ;)

The guys!

The game where we were supposed to guess the song names!

And we were so damn lucky.
Before the lucky draw..
I told Jaspi..
If they call Shishi and YG we go up respectively..
Then he say ok..

And omg! They really called “Shirley Wynn!”

Her price..

And Jaspi said, ok, looks like won’t win le!
Haha.. and who knows..
“Lim Yanguang!”

And the prize… Golf balls!

We wanted to take photos with Prof Chua..
But he was gonna take photos with his friends..
So here are some photos :)
Of the wiser people!

They are really a fun-loving bunch!
I hope I can be like this when I am old too!

Funky and funny Prof Chua who took us for CS3242!

With RZ and Rey..
Dean’s list! Don’t play play!
Small Suhili gathering!

With RZ!

Jing and Tengy…
Tied down by balloons. :P

With Dave!

Murni again!

Part of Camp Comm for 07/08!

With Bryan!

Neng Jin!

With Benedict, outgoing Pres!

And last but not least… :)
My soulmate to be. :)

Evie and his freshie!

The winning! (:

Haha, it was a sight when we took 162 home. :)
Jaspi and Jingie!

Looking like Rudolph! :(

Evie and Jo forever!

That’s all for tonight.
Super tired :(
Gonna go sleep le.
I wanna get well soon!


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