Party Shopping with the BFFs and Fireworks!

Someone came by with donuts during NM2101 lecture.
Thank you Ban ;)
I told him I was craving for donuts…the other day..
And the next day.. He got them for me.
How sweet can he be? :)

After NM2101 lecture, grab some food and off we went to meet Jingie to buy party supplies!
It was really fun shopping with the both of them..
Despite having to hold camera, tripods and umbrellas.


Party supplies!

Hunting high and low for the right stuff!


The last time I played this was at Lyanna’s 12th in Psch.

Only for the tall. :D

Hehe! Fits my theme huh?

Pok kai!

My bestie :D
Not mommy!

After which, went to meet Shishi at Raffles City!
We were half an hour late!
Sorry babe!

F1 car on display!

His new toy!

Night scenery before the fireworks!

The three girls!

Evie’s new toy!

I think Shishi looks good in beanies!

We were so bored waiting for the fireworks.. that was supposed to start at 9..
So we end up plaiting her hair! (:
Fun! :D

Anyway, the following photos are taken with Canon EOS450D which we borrowed from school!

The night scene!


Esplanade bridge!



And a guy (:

Love the outcome of the photo. Very nice!


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