Back in SG: First Week in School

First day back at school – 18th Aug
Pretty overwhelmed when I was in the science canteen.
So many people..
Really miss Korea alot alot!

Met Murni in SoC.
Evie and his Air Force 1.

Well, after the CS3342 discussion..
We headed out to catch a movie!
I still had my gold class tickets..
And so we caught Mummy 3.
Really nice (:
But Evie didn’t really like it.
Anyway, just nice, Gold Class provided us with blankets..
So there was no need to worry even without bringing a jacket.

Finally.. some Singaporean food.

Fishball noodles.
And that’s Evie’s new phone which isn’t very user friendly..

Borrowed the Canon EOS400D today!
Taken during GEK1531 lecture


Lecture hall.

The Science Rag

Maybe I can use this for the next coming assignment.

Went home and someone obviously became the model of my new toy!

He was wondering why there was so much flash!

My imports from Korea!

On the 21st..
We had our NM3223 lecture.
And I was having fun with the Canon EOS400D.

In class..

And in Business Canteen

At COM1 with Evie and Jun Hong

We finally met up with some of them..
Haven’t seen them in 2months plus.


Kuku Shishi!


Jackie, Ban and Bryan..
Jackie just removed his braces!
Looking good!

Mark and his new hair cut

Guess who!

Yes, finally saw Guang after 6 months, Evie and Gerald :)


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