Last Day in Daejeon: Daejeon Station, Haircut at Hair Sense, Coach to Incheon and Incheon Airport

Our last day in Daejeon..
Was spent waking up early..
To wash our blankets, bed sheets, settle our last minute packing…
Washing clothes, settling shampoo, tissues supplies by giving them away..
And saying goodbyes..
Oh and eating at Snack Bar for the last time..
And heading to Daejeon station for some last minute buys and some nice food we will never eat in SG again..
Slowly one by one, we bid farewell to our favourite hangouts.

Taken while waiting for Bus513..

He’s always my backrest.

And cheek provider for pinching.

On Bus 513..

And at Daejeon Station..

When Evie knows Hang Ten no longer sells that pair of shorts..

While waiting for my sundae!

Shops you never see in SG..

The ever delicious-to-return-to-Daejeon-station-even-when-its-so-far sundae.

Shops we will never see again..

Bye Daejeon Station!

On Bus 711 home..
For the last time.

Bryan knocked his head while sitting down..
SO he’s resting on Evie..


Ban and Bryan decided to get haircuts before they head back to SG..

Happy Ban after his haircut!

With the hairstylist :)

Bye Jeonmindong aka place behind school..
It was a mad rush..
Cos when we left the hairdresser it was already close to 4pm..
And we were supposed to leave the dorm by 430pm!
IT was crazy.
I was so stressed cos I had a hard time closing the luggage..
Thank goodness for When and Ban..
Who helped me..
And omg, the luggages were heavy..
Checked out of the dorm… say our last goodbyes to the dorm..
Really yi yi bu she..
Even Feng Meng came to send us off..
She was going back to China cos she’s heading for an exchange to Edinburgh next sem.
Lucky woman!

At Primus area..

Tired me.

Our luggages.

Bye Primus! Bye Daejeon!

Our tickets to Incheon.
We had to head to Incheon first as we are having a morning flight and it would be really risky to take a night bus so as to catch the early flight..
So we decided to stay over at Incheon for a night.

On the coach bus..

Sleepy us…


Loads of emo pics..
But that was exactly how we felt.. leaving Korea

Some nice scenery shots..
Rather blur due to the movement of the bus..

Ban and Bryan forever fighting abt whose shoes’ better..

Equally nice la ok?

At the airport

Time for dinner!

At Lotteria..
The menu they have at Incheon Airport was a tad different from those in Korea… as in the cities.

They had some special stuff in them..
Which makes them taste nicer..

After which, we got our luggages weighed for fear that we might incur excess baggage..
And true enough.. Mine and Evie did.. a total of 13kg.. (aka we have 73kg in total OOPS)..
But thank goodness, Bryan and When added up had 11kg to spare us..

And it was time to head to the guesthouse to rest..
When wanted to get UP and DOWN but there were none left..
Got some milk and bread for the next morning..
No time to eat..

Ha, I like this.. make me look tall.

And Evie short.

Just a random post..
On the guesthouse boss’ car…
Our luggages practically filled his boot.


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