Jeju Day 3: Miniature Land, Sangumburi Crater, Folk Village and Farewell to Kyle

The third and last day of Jeju was spent at the Miniature Park..

It was a sight to behold.

First came the miniature people..

Then the miniature buildings.
I felt like I went around the world in a couple of hours.

If you understood, I was trying to imitate the Statue of Liberty..
If you don’t.. I must have failed terribly.

London Bridge.. Is falling down?

With the Shrek couple!

Pumpkin fever

With the stones SoC did for Rag 07/08

Someone’s trying to be ahem.. funny?


Nope this was not part of the park.. Just a dustbin.

Sydney Operahouse!

Icecream we finally tasted.

If I ever have a chance…
I would love to be there to see it for myself.

And my favourite of it all…

Hmmm.. too majestic to be filmed within.



Stones they sold in Jeju..
I bought a lot.. but I can’t find it now that I am back in SG!

And few more shots of Miniature Park before we left.

Evie got me sth from here :)
Thanks sweet.

Next up… We were headed to the Sangumburi Crater (aka dead volcano)…
Finally, after that upsetting and disappointing change of plans of going up the crater in Cow Island due to that miserable rain.

Here we go!

Umm nothing nice actually.

So we started entertaining ourselves by jumping…

And that’s when poor Evie crashed into me and sprained his ankle. LOL

Actually quite disappointing la..
Seems like a hole filled with greenery?

Next and last destination..
Folk village of Jeju!
Aka Hanok Village..

Ha, funny tour guides!

The black PIG that eats HUMAN WASTE.


Jing’s bestie.

JY can never stay in such houses..
He will definitely break a wood panel or two due to his height.

Quite modern hor?

He needs to sit down every day..

Around the folk village!

Umbrellas for the tourists when it rains..

I had diarrhoea for almost 4 days when I am back in SG :(

It was super unclean..
All the charcoal..

Saying goodbye to Dami for the last time :)

In Jeju Airport

On the plane

In the air

And seeing Daejeon from the air…

Love this photo.. the sunrays… leaking through the clouds..

And back in dorm..
We had to take photo with this bus driver uncle!
He’s always smiling and so happy with his job..
And says hi to us every time he sees us around school..
I would love to be like him when I am old next time (:

Met Kyle and his girl Mira for the last time..
And they brought us to eat this chicken bbq meal..
Spicy but super nice (:
It was a nice closure..
Cos that was the first meal when we arrived in Daejeon too…

The rice cakes had CHEESE IN THEM!

And we gave Kyle his farewell gift!

Hope you like em’ Kyle!

Notice the change in specs from me to Bryan!

That’s all..
Bye Jeju… bye Kyle..
All good things must come to an end..
Just that I didn’t expect it to be so soon…


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