Jeju Day 2: Cow Island, Buffet Dinner and Raymond/Mothibedi’s Birthday Celebrations!

View from the hotel in the morning!

Breakfast in the morning!
Yummy and sweet. :) Thanks Evie!

Well, we were heading to Cow Island today..
And its an offshore island near Jeju..
Hence that explains the ferry in the background.

It was a rather long ride..

Mark fell asleep.

Evie and the first view of Cow Island.

Wierdly, the Cow Island..
Has alot of horses.

And lighthouses too.

It was a long way up to the top to see a rather ordinary looking lighthouse (in my opinion).

A group photo!

The view from the top was a rather misty one..

Funny signs they have along the way..
When we were on our way down…


It was rather windy!
I look very tanned here :(

Finally.. nearing the end.

Walked for a LONG time only to realise we were walking in the wrong direction..
How tiring.

Before we boarded the bus..
And cos a lot of time was wasted getting lost…
We had to forgo one of the beaches…
And went straight to one of them..
But it was good enough..
Check out the waters!

:) Lovely clear blue.
We had seaweed wars, dumping wars..
Really fun, but time passed really quickly..
And it was time for us to leave.
Bathed in a rush…
It was an open bath again as usual..
And Feng Meng and me was so shy in the bathroom!
Ha. Emma as well.

On the bus to the ferry..

At our lunch place..

Ha, its called London Eye..

And we had seafood steamboat!
Love the soup..
Super delicious.

Evie loves the crayfish inside!

Raymond on the other hand was shagged to the max.

The view from the restaurant..

Actually, after lunch, we were supposed to climb the crater next to the restaurant..
But due to the heavy downpour..
All plans were cancelled.
How disappointing..
And we were made to go to the Lady Divers Museum…
Yes yes, better than nothing.
I won’t say much, cos there’s basically nothing for me to say..
Not a fan of museums and I was just clicking away on my cam.

Anyway, on our way back to the bus..
I was drenched..

That explains why Evie put a towel on the back of my shirt..
Hoping to absorb all the rainwater on me..
:( So cold, yet so warm.


Well, then it was dinner..
And omg, BUFFET!
Finally, a worthy meal, filling one too.

See, everyone was so happy eating.

Even Mark.. who was devouring all the grapes.

Yes, even though they had seeds.

Happy us!

At night, it was back at the hotel again..
Cos they were celebrating Mothibedi and Raymond’s birthday!
Yup, they were born on the same day..
How gay! :P
And… check out their hotel rooms!
So unfair!

So princessy huh..
And it was taken by guys..
How unworthwhile.

We played games..
And after two cups of Vodka..

Check Evie out :P
I was still very much sane!
Maybe cos of my Jiu Wos aka Dimples :P

It was a fun filled night of laughter and all..
And Dami, our tour guide came along as well :)
But to me, it seems like farewell is near..
Quite sad…
Anyhow, happy birthday Raymond and MoMo.


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