Jeju Day 1: Asiana Maiden Flight, Mysterious Road, Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, Dragon Head Rocks, ATV and Jeju Loveland!

We met in the dorm in the morning to leave tgt for Cheongju Airport!
And I was a happy girl cos two people told me I look nice in my attire that day (:

And so happen, we are in couple wear again!

Waiting for the bus :)

Arrival at Cheongju Airport for the flight to Jeju!

They had nice toilets!

And we learnt that cos its only an hour flight, there will be no food served..
So Evie got his breakfast at the airport.

Went out to take some photos…
AND I SAW F16 taking off!
About 3 of them.
Super loud.
But it was a nice sight.
I love seeing planes taking off and land.
Ever since I was a little girl.

Soon it was time for boarding!
Oh and we were taking Asiana!
My first time (:
A pleasant one too.

Wearing Feng Meng’s cap :)

Scenery from the plane!

Mark behind us!

With Evie (:

Arrival at Jeju!

Photos with the stewardess!
Pretty ladies, all so fair!

Our bags!

While waiting for our tour guide..
We were fooling around in Evie’s Kuku Glasses!

And she’s here!
Looking pretty and fun to be with!
*AHEM* definitely better than the Gyeongju one!

Lunch was delicious!
But it was one of the best I have eaten so far!

Then it was Mysterious Road next..
Where vehicles can travel up slope without an accelerator..
As in the cars can move by themselves upslope!
Actually its all just optical illusion.

Next up, we headed to the Cheonjeyeon Waterfall.

Ban keeps insisting my umbrella spoilts the picture!

Photos on our way there!

It actually looks much better in real life!

With the bee house lookalike before we left for another scenic place..

Here we are!

Nope, not the Dolphin Lagoon!

Seriously, if only Singapore has half of Korea’s beauty..
I think we need not get F1 to come just to up our tourism a bit.

Introducing the Dragon Head Rocks!

Get me now?
Every photo taken makes me look like I am some pretty zai photographer..
But actually, I am not!
It’s just because the place looks so amazing to be true!

Group photo!

Byebye Lovely Place!

Surfing in the GIGANTIC shell!

Next up…
One of my favourite activity of all..
Can’t rmb the full name!

Having our fun! :)
Dirty and really adventure-filled going up and down rocks!
A pity was that I didn’t get to go paragliding :(

Anyway, Feng Meng was lucky..
She had a chauffeur to bring her around!
And she was travelling at top speed!



And yes the ATV was located at yet another scenic place..

Ha, more ‘gangsters’ coming up.

Couple shots!

Nope they just look compatible together :P

Group shot!

Funny shots!

Really love these photos!

And soon, it was time to go back..
For checking in to the hotel!

The Room!

At night, the Singaporean gang, together with Kasper, Mark and Emma..
Made our way to Jeju Loveland!
Much as I would like to post more photos..
Due to censorship issues, I think I can only put up those that suggest that much. ;)
Anyway, its a place where arty sex-related sculptures were exhibited..
Most of them have dual meanings in them….
And it took quite alot of intellect to understand.

I think the ticket already suggest pretty much ;)

Toilet doors!


Having fun in the shop.

Peeking underneath!
:D Naughty us!

Personally I like this sculpture alot (:

Ok la, I think the photos speak enough. :P
Look at it from an artistic angle ok?
People in the park were really silent..
I think we were the really noisy bunch..
Laughing and giggling..
Like immature kids.

Had this really spicy squid..
That almost killed me.. :P

On the lover swing!

In the shop :)
And that’s what we got for Mothibedi and Raymond for their birthdays..
As in the mugs ;)
And they like it alot.

Goodbye Jeju Loveland!


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