Farewell with Buddies, ICU Farewell Dinner and Last Noraebang with Emma

The next morning was the last lunch with the buddies!
They brought us to this place near Yuseong.. Called Basilico!
Really nice Italian restaurant!



Hungry! :(

Haha, photos with the buddies!

Finally the food’s here!
And in really nice presentations too!

Spaghetti in a shell!
First time huh!

Mongolia rice!
Super spicy!

My best pizza ever!
Seafood pizza and tastes really nice!


Cheesecake from the buddies!

Cheesecake lovers!

Last group photo :)

Ha, Evie looks like a little boy here.

On our way to Homever..
For the last time.

Got my umbrella (:
Last shot outside Homever..

Evie collecting his altered shorts at Expo Core..

That night, ICU planned a farewell dinner for us.
And it was a steamboat affair!

JY, Mr Lee and his roommate!

Everyone started to give their thank yous and farewell speeches..
And after Evie did his..
He started the Karoke thing going..
So him as usual.

:) Feng Meng and me!

Some last shots in the canteen..

As they had to close the place..
We had no choice but to move out..
And decided we will go Noraebang for the last time!
Quite sad.. We left the cheesecake there by mistake :(

But before we left for Noraebang..
We played with the fireworks that Evie kept for Kyle..

Some last hugs and goodbyes..

Evie went up to In-Ho’s room while I left with the rest for Noraebang..

Quite sad..
Could sense Evie was very sad when he came for Noraebang..
He had no mood to sing at all..

Anyway this time round for Noraebang..
We had Emma with us

Goodbye Noraebang..
It’s Jeju tomorrow morning.


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