Seoul Day 4: EVERLANDDDD!!

On Monday morning..
We left TravelersA at 9am, leaving our luggage there and heading to Ganghwa to take a bus to Everland!
Slept on the bus cos I slept really late, trying to decide where we were to go today.
And when I woke up, I was greeted with a pretty sight!

Our very first ride..

The one with loads of swings..
Which made me rather nauseous!

One side of the part had a rather vintage rock theme!
Let me show you.

The second ride Evie and Mark took..
Excluding me..
I saw Mark’s specs flying out during the ride!

As most of the roller coasters rides were close till 1pm..
We were very surprised to see the suspended one open..
Aka Eagle Fortress!
Not a very recommended one cos I felt even more giddy after that..
But it was really hot and I needed some shelter

And which theme park doesnt have this?

Walking around Everland..

And here we are at the Storybook land..
Didn’t stay really long here cos there were so many other things to play!

Finally, a worthy flume ride.
I didn’t get to sit this in Lotte World..
The queue was amazingly long!

Checking out what other rides we can take!

On the flume!
Let’s go!

Carousel ride..
Yes to blow us dry. :P

On the toot toot train around the garden..
The roses are really pretty!

Just before we head for T Express..
The highest drop, and the steepest one too!
The world’s one and only WOODEN COASTER!
We took this 3 times..
And concluded that the best drop is the last seat. :)
You are literally pulled down
Omg, almost scared the PEE out of me!

We vandalised openly!

Everyone who’s about to go!

And we went for yet another safari..
This time round, its worse..
I still prefer Daejeon’s one..
At least they really explain and take their time for you to take photos.
This guy practically rushed through!
How irritating!

The animals here more dao too.

In the gift shop!

And we found this bird park..
Which allow us to feed the birds openly!

Overwhelmed by birds!

Evie and his birds!
PUN intended. :P

Birds on our hands!

Birds on the trees!

Mark and the birds!

When we went out they were having the Summer Splash parade!

Really colourful huh!

Some last shots before we left!

This whole part of Everland we had no chance to go..
Next time ok Ban?

On our way out by the Sky Rider!

Rushed back to TravelersA to get our luggage and tickets by Mugunghwa back to Daejeon..
10pm train..
When we reached Daejeon, we were dead shagged!
But no regrets ;)


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