Seoul Day 3; Travelers A, Sincheon, Yonsei Uni, Yongsan BBQ and Hans River

The night before…
It wasn’t nice at all..
But we had a nice thrashing out (:
So now we are closer than ever!
Went to eat Croas cos the other shop wasn’t open on Sunday!

The couples!

Our fried rice with PRAWNS became fried rice with HEH BI!

Up and Down chicken! (:
Sold at Ministop!
Really nice and cheap. 1200won for one!

Some old school sweets they were selling :)

Ha, they look really cute here.

After the meal, the hostel uncle gave us a lift to the ferry terminal cos the buses weren’t running on Sun!
So nice of him (:

Some last photos before we left Incheon..

Scenic shots

The ferry that ferries cars.

Ondol style seats!

Normal seats..

Evie overwhelmed by seagulls!

And here we are at Incheon City again!

Symbol of Incheon!

They seem to have this everywhere in Incheon!

Yet another tiny amusement park!

Having fun with the blown up stuff they have :P

Well, as all of us were holding our heavy bags..
We decided to check into Travelers’ A first.

Got Evie this :)

Updated the photo at Travelers’ A.
Like what Evie say, where we started, where we will end.

Oncoming train!
Heading towards Sincheon..
Hongaik Uni area. :)

Grab quick bites in a cafe (:

On the streets of Sincheon..

We decided to break up cos everyone was heading to different places..
JY, Jun Hong, Mark and Bryan wanted to go for some Dr Fish while YZ, Jen and Jieyin wanted to go to the Sassy Girl filming place which was in Yonsei Uni.
Evie decided to join YZ and gang instead.. so off we went to Yonsei!


And I heard from my buddy that the school fees per semester is about 5 to 6k?
And that this uni is meant for the super rich and smart.

Finally got a picture of the oh-so-famous birdie of Korea!

As usual :) Common sight in NUS too!

Mouldy statue!

The school is really pretty..
Like some European era houses.

A picture speaks a thousand words..
So I will just let you guys absorb in the beauty of Yonsei.
If only school is like this in NUS.
I think I might just enjoy studying.

Hot and sweaty..

We went into the building for a rest.
And started taking emo shots.

Lovely silouettes!

Heh, they said our shades make us look like houseflies.
So we gave them to try! :P

Da Ge Da and Da Jie Da.

And it just happened that YZ set the wrong settings for his camera…
That we started taking photos in B&W.

And it looks even better!

Some colour shots.

Hoho! Emo.

I like both.

Bye Yonsei!

After which, we met up with the rest for some really cheap BBQ at Yongsan which was recommended by YZ, Jen and Jieyin.
Very filling.. and what’s more its beef!
Haven’t eaten beef for two months!
Yes, all thanks to the protest.



Popiah skin to wrap the beef.
Actually its just radish.
Cold, but when you wrap with the hot beef..
It tastes REALLY NICE!

Anyway we went outdoors..
And saw this really nice display at the event park :)
Of course.. we took photos.

Starry display!

Meant to be!

With the little church!


Haha.. parents wannabe! :P

There happen to be some KTX station at Yongsan..

Anyhow, we then made our way to Dongdaemun to walk along Hans River..

Streets of Dongdaemun!

The bugs that I ate and almost puked!

Lovely Hans River

And the lights they have

On the rocks!

On our way back to Travelers’A!

The fountain stopped when I was about to take photo.
How sad.

Haha, Evie looks like he was blowing fire onto my face!

Last photo before we got lost..
Had to ask for directions back..

And when we reached TravelersA safely, everyone was tired…
What’s worse.. we found out that Caribbean Bay requires 65,000 entrance fee!
We had to come up with a contingency plan that very night! Gosh.

In the end, we decided on the dry Everland Resort instead of the wet one.. aka Caribbean Bay. :)
And only Mark, Evie and I was game enough for it..
Everyone else didn’t wanna go..
Sad that we have to break up again..
But I guess we didnt quite regret abit being at Everland.
It was so much fun!
When you see our photos.. you will understand.
Till then!


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