Incheon Day 2: Muui-do, Bulgogi and Incheon City Chinatown

The next morning..
We woke up and went for a really filling brunch!
At the restaurant downstairs.
Cheap and good.
Plus they know how to speak Mandarin!

Dumplings for Evie and me!

Everyone else, splitted up cos there was insufficient space to sit together!

With our Udon!

The morning scenery was really nice!

Btw, we were located really close to Incheon airport..
So could see planes taking off and landing really near us.

Evie and the shades I gave him!

Crazy us!

Really love the colours..
Wallpapers to be!

Heading to Muui-do..
Where filming of Stairway to Heaven took place!

It was a long 1.8km walk!

On the way there, Bryan and me walked faster..
And I saw some people walking to the middle of the sea..
Cos it was low tide..
And off I went down..
And took some really nice shots.

Seagulls resting!

Wow, the colours are amazing!

Armed with an umbrella.
The water was clear.

Yet another wallpaper worthy shot!

Clear water.. which we will never see in Singapore.

Doesn’t the guy look like he’s fishing on the sea?

Two of us :)

Jen and YZ!

Shells people were picking by the seaside!
They can be eaten..
I mean the stuff in the shell.

JY and Mark..
Quite a funny shot!

My last photo with the umbrella.
It was stolen on the ferry to Muuido. :(
Such an old umbrella!
Who wants it man. -_-”

Crazy Evie!

So pretty.
I can pick any and they look nice.

JY and Bryan..

The ferry!


Seagulls upclose!

Here we are!

Stairway.. Not to heaven.

Scorching sun. :(

The giant white piano..
But it was fake.

Nice looking fountain where Evie washed his feet and hands.

On the swing.
I want one in my house!

The house where the filming took place…

Not much photos after this..
Cos Evie and the rest decided to walk to the end of the coast.. (About 2km)
Really low tide man.
While Bryan, myself and Jun Hong wanted to rest..
The sun was terrible..
I felt really tired just being under it.
And plus I didn’t wanna get too tanned.

A group photo before we headed back to Incheon..

Evie and me!

This time round.. I bought snacks for Seagulls!

Awaiting (:

Here they come!

Many more around the ferry!
They are forever hungry!

:) Never fail to take photos tgt everywhere we go!

Dinner was Bulgogi in a Earthen Bowl

The sunset was even nicer

This was taken on our way to Incheon City!


It really felt like Chinatown…
Cos there were characters I can finally comprehend.

And I finally got the hang of taking clear night shots with my camera!

The place where we put our fireworks that we got in the afternoon.

The night scenery of Incheon City..

Happy Birthday Singapore (:
It was 9th August… and it was just coincidental..
That we played fireworks that day.


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