Incheon Day 1: Beach and Emart

The next morning, JY, Bryan, JH, Mark, Jieyin, Evie and myself..
Left early for Incheon!
Jen still had lessons so YZ waited for her..
We took the 855am bus to Incheon Airport from Daejeon..
Checked into our hostel..
It was cool.
The whole building was the hostel..
I mean like an office building..
And all the doors were automated!

We went to Uwangsri Beach after checking into the hostel.

The beach was filled with shells!

A group photo!

And the sun was terrible..

My handsome guy.

As usual..

Jumping at every beach we go. :)

Resting… and suntanning after playing in the water..

A pile of sand art.

Words on the beach.

The golden pillow re-acted.

Bryan and his shit throwing picture..

Banban and our new shades!

Someone’s heels got stuck!
Btw, they are pro at wearing heels on sands.

Kids we met..

Cute babies!


Shy crab

Shell I picked up randomly..
Looks nice huh?

That night.. we met up with YZ and Jen..
And omg, I got 2 shades darker.
How sad. :(
Anyway, we went to Emart after dinner at the Food Court!

Cheap wine!

Water VS Wine!

Which no one bought in the end!


In Hyatt asking for directions..

Love their ambience!

How I wish I was staying here…

A great day out at the beach..
Got really tanned.. but had loads of fun..


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