Primus, Samgyetang and Noraebang 2

Right after Statistics, Feng Meng, Evie and myself wanted to catch a movie at Primus.
Actually Jiang Yuan and Jieyin were supposed to come along too..
But after they heard we are watching Wall-E..
Both of them backed out.

On the bus!

Walking to Primus!

With the Primus mascot!

Our movie ticket!

Interior of Primus!

Lovely colours depicting different cinemas!

More of the mascots!

All ready to go in.

It’s like our The Cathay Cinema 1 aka Grand Cathay!
Every single cinema looks like this btw. :)
Really grand.

Evie with a Korean movie poster.

Anyway, Wall-E was way nice.
So meaningful…
Cos there was basically little dialogue, everything was based on actions, body language and slight animated sounds.
But the story spoke quite alot about our lives…
How technology takes over our lives and what happens when it does..
And about love.
The three of us gave the thumbs up after the movie!

Went to the cafe which I wanted to try their brownie ever since a very long time ago.
Saw two little boys who were having fun showing their bellies..
And terrorising every single customer who came into the shop.
Little Terrors!

Took some photos with them too.

The brownie..
That look nice, but didn’t taste nice..
It was too hard.. And its cold.
I think brownies will only taste nice if they are warm..
Don’t you think so?

I got some caramel thing too.
As usual.

Surfing the net on Evie’s iTouch in the cafe.

Spotted a black squirrel on our way back to school to meet the rest for Samgyetang aka Ginseng Chicken!

The view in school.

When will NUS look ever so peaceful and green?

In the restaurant!
And… we discovered something disgusting that happened to me, Jieyin and Feng Meng!
I thought I was alone! :(
Oh well.. we already decided we will tell Mr Lee after the Jeju trip.

Bryan and his buddy..

My crazy buddy with funny faces!

The three of them!

Bryan’s buddy and Tae Hee!

Bryan wanted to be the Zhong Ji Mi Ma holder..
Cos he wanted to avoid eating it..
But ended up having to eat it cos he gave the wrong range. LOL

And the next person who kena-ed was my dearest buddy Soon chan :P
So what’s the forfeit?
Eating sour pickles in salt and barbecue sauce.
Definitely not a nice combination indeed!

The four of us!

The four of them!

Group photos..
Some of them were leaving for home already…
Since it was the end of school term!

But for the rest of us…
It was Noraebang again!

Evie and buddy!

Jieyin and Feng Meng singing!

In Ho singing!

Soon Chan singing!

With Ying Zhen!

And soon it was time to leave for dorm…

Evie on In-Ho’s bike!

It was a nice night out…
A nice conclusion before we head to Incheon tomorrow!


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