Quick Update; Lunch with ICU President

Gonna do a quick update for the examination week!

Just a video to start it off.

On 3rd August…
I got a surprise letter under my door!

Thank you Jingie! (:
It made my day!
Studied quite hard after which! :P

On the 4th…
I had my Linear Algebra exam and did pretty well for it.
So I am happy. (:

On the 5th..
I had my Korean exam..
One wrong for oral, and 7 wrong for written.
Sigh! :P
But it’s ok, I am not gonna map it back anyway.

On the 6th..
We had lunch with the President…
They brought us to a really nice Korean restaurant.

Here’s the Administration Prof and the President.

Some of the food that they ordered..
And they taste really nice..
One of the best Korean meals I had in a restaurant!

Had a talk with the President..
Where he thanked us for being here with him..

And he toast us with beer!
First time huh!

Bryan and Evie

More food!
This popiah thing actually tastes really nice!

Raw fish!

Lady boss and the President

Burnt Rice soup!

These were just appetitisers btw.
Can you imagine?
I was rather full after that.

Group photo time!

On the 7th..
I had my Statistics exam and got full marks for it!
So happy. So did Evie btw..
Happy for him as well.
And that basically concludes my semester at ICU.
On the 8th.. I will be going to Incheon.
Update soon!


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