Currency Museum, Geological Museum and Noraebang in Daejeon!

Oh man, I am more than 2 weeks behind in my blogging.
Anyway, I will do this fast.
I have about 8 posts waiting for me? ZZZ!
Just another day..

But this time round we are heading to museums in Daejeon..
Not exactly looking forward to it cos they sound boring..

Our first stop: Currency Museum

Bryan’s new shoes!

Evie’s and Bryan’s

Actually quite nice together huh?

Haha, funny photos!
It does look like someone’s holding the currency up!

Just a preview of somethings we will be seeing in the museum!

How the coins were made in the past!

Cute coins!

We got this as a souvenir!
Really nice!

World Cup 2002!

The process of making notes!

The old coin pound.

Feng Meng and myself

Mark and Mothibeti

JH and JY

Mo, Bryan and Raymond

These are awarded to the honourable people who did great achievements to the respective fields.


And now here are some funny or special notes we saw!
Look at the hair!
Rather cartoonistic design too.

How can we forget Singapore!

Mark has the exact same one

The museum is not exactly updated with the new notes!

Guess what country this is from!

Yes, Shishi’s country.. Myanmmar!


And more about the Korean currency!

It looks really nice under UV

The miniature version of the printing process

And rather rare notes!

How I wish that 1 million was mine!

And I thought this stack really contains all 10,000won..
But actually, only the top is the genuine one.. the rest are plain paper.
How silly of me.
Evie and JY had a good laugh about it!

Chilling out

FANNY when!

Leaving Currency Museum

Some souvenirs that Mark and Feng Meng got at the Museum.

Our next stop!
The Geological Museum!

Well… we didn’t exactly expect dinosaurs fossils there..

But then again, it had a mixture of many other type of bones.

As usual, we had alot of fun inside!

Found a really nice place to take photo..

And umm yeah, it was really narcissism time. :P

Evie was showing his ‘fatherly’ side again.

On the 2nd storey, they had a showcase of crystals..
Yes those you do during Chemistry class!

I like this bunny crystal!

How I wish the gold belongs to me! :(

And Talc looks nice isnt’ it?

More cystals!

Which are actually just molecules!

Evie and JY went out of the museum…
Took really nice photos as well!

I love this one especially..

They even had an Earthquake system for you to test.
Btw, the two of them remind me of the stupid U-Gallop advert.
Crazy When and Evie.

Well, then it was back to the dorm at 5pm.

And guess what! Evie’s parcels came in!

Korea’s latest trend – His Air Force 1.



And yup, his proud showcase of his collection. :P

As usual, all of us gathered for some chicken loving..
And pizza too.

Then it was Noraebang at night.. aka.. Karoke!

All geared up for singing!

Cute posters they have around school cos it was exam period!

While waiting for our buddies and korean friends!

Yay. Noraebang!

The interior was really nice..
And the atmosphere and music were all much better than those in SG!

Tae Hee, Jieyin and Bryan’s buddy..

The ladies!

Jieyin, Feng Meng and Bryan’s buddy


Bryan’s buddy, Jun Hong, Bryan, YZ, Jen

Nice cushion huh?

Crazy Evan

Ge Shens – YZ and Bryan!

But the interface wasn’t exactly user friendly..
It took quite long to scroll to the songs we want..
Oh, they had English and Chinese songs as well!

Check out the remote control!

And they even had a scoring system after every song!

Well… after the first Noraebang session, we concluded that Koreans can sing really well..
Their vocals are extremely powerful!

Bryan’s buddy

Oh and this is Evie’s buddy, In-Ho.

Took this rather candid shot, find it quite amusing!

Both of them singing


And all of us!

My buddy Soon-Chan, and Evie’s buddy..

Soon it was time to make payment…
And we Singaporeans were all shocked cos it only cost $2.60 to sing for 2plus hours!
Yes, for such an ambience.. it was really cheap!

But if there was anything I didn’t quite like, it was probably the sound system..
It was really loud.. and we had to sing quite loudly!
Almost went deaf…
But then, I think its just the room..
Cos we went for several sessions in the next weeks and it was fine.
Anyhow.. Thanks to everyone who were there… I had a lot of fun!


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