End of Lessons and A Laughter-Filled Mr Pizza Night

On Thursday.. We celebrated the end of lessons..
But yet, mourned at the fact that… hey, we are heading back to Singapore.
Back to a land of reality, harshness… where we slog our lives out to be the best.

I am going to miss this place where the sun is harsh, the teachers are funny, the bus drivers are respected, the kimchi smell (ok maybe not)..
And as what JY said… the fun, the friends, the memories, the school, the local cuisines and most importantly to me, the freedom.
Yet so, I am having mixed feelings. Part of me feel sad leaving this place, yet part of me feel like I wanna be home..
But I don’t think I will have as much freedom as I have here.. And I dislike that.
Looking forward to my 21st.. and school zzz.
Gonna be a tough semester ahead.
Overloading again.. Hopefully I can take it.

It’s reading week now… and when Thurday comes… I am heading to Incheon, then Seoul.
Then its Jeju Island, Incheon again, and I am back to SG.

Probability and Statistics TA!
Mr Kim.. Postgrad student!

Probability and Statistics Lecturer..
One of the most funny and interesting teacher :)
A very knowledgeable guy as well!
Prof Ma…

The bus driver who waits for us when we were late.. :P

On the bus!

The really nice supervisor :)

Evie’s parcel came..
Then we went for Korean…
Our very last Korean class and the Prof treated us ice-cream..
Every class here has a class fund..
And its up to the Prof to use it..
Jieyin’s class got pizza, JY class got beer party!

After which.. we headed for some Mr Pizza..
But didn’t eat any pizza..
Cos the salad bar was good and cheap.
:) 2500 per person, free flow!
Some of them just ate that..

The ambience was nice!

But for JY, me and Evie..
We had Spaghetti!
Super nice!

Feng Meng!

Ha, I like this photo.
Super impromptu..
And my peach was at the right place..
Right time, right shape!


JY and Bryan..

Happy meals!

Filling meal!
Feng Meng’s kiwis!

Anyway, it was a night filled with laughter and nonsensical chatter.
Thanks for making my night too Feng Meng, JY, Bryan, Jun Hong and Evie (:
Haven’t laughed like this in ages.


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