A Special Day with a Special Someone

On Sunday… we only wanted to head out to get some stationary supplies before heading back to SG.
However who knows…
We had a great day out.
Yeah, Evie-Jo day. :P

Notebooks we got for our buddies!

Happy me :)

Headed out and took some photos at the Prehistoric sites..
Probably our last time around here…

Armed only with 18k…
We were deciding whether to wash movie.
If we were, then that left us with 4k, to go back to dorm to eat.
Sigh. How sad.
Else, we will be able to eat out and take a stroll around Daejeon.
Anyhow, we went to check out the movie price.

7000won on weekend.. And I guess we are catching Wall-E on Thursday!

Hungry us, at the bread shop where everyone’s queueing!

And had a good dinner at Han’s Deli…
2900won for a chicken cutlet!
Super worth it.

Feeling rather full, we decided to walk around, and search for restaurants we would like to bring our buddies to for Farewell.

And we took a bet and walk to the DNA Helix.
It was a road ahead, but we didn’t see any traffic light to get to the other side.

Actually, we only wanted to go to the DNA helix looking thing..
But found ourselves this place which was just next to it!
It’s called the “Nan Men”.

Evie looks like he’s carrying the place.

Think we are coming here on Thursday again?
Not sure. :) Maybe Monday night.

And guess what?

We found loads of people having picnic just under the bridge.
What a way to have family day :)
Something you seldom see in SG.

So we took out our plastic bag, tore it apart..
And sat down too.

The view at night was amazing.

My camera can’t shoot well at night..
So sorry, it is definitely nicer than this.

And cos I bought some fireworks from the bookshop earlier..
We decided to use it, just to complete the night.
Love fireworks.. no matter how simple and elaborated they are.
So I was pretty disappointed when my mom almost didn’t allow me to go the other time.
Ok she did it the end but still..ZZZ.

Moments later, people around us started playing too!

Then off we went to the DNA Helix…
And found some musical performance on the other side..
Evie ran over while I took a slow stroll.

It was something like Songs of the Sea.
But its free!
Can you imagine?
Singapore is so KIAM PENG. Everything also wanna charge $.

Sat down to admire the beauty of the fountain.

And a band was playing too.

So it was really an impromptu night.
Romantic one too. :)

Expo park at night..

Took a long walk to the bus stop that will bring us directly back to dorm.

By then, I had 3 blisters on my foot. :(
Evie even offered to squeeze his foot into my puma shoes so that I won’t be so pain.
But didn’t wanna cause pain for another person.. so just tahan it lo.
Thank you darling… appreciate it..
Another simple night of music, sitting down and enjoying the breeze.
I love such nights.

I am gonna miss Korea.


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