Cheap Shoes and The Homever Dongbaek That Can’t Be Found!

On Saturday… We headed out again at around 12pm.
We went back to the Bulgogi shop..
And had delicious lunch for 5000won.
Oh that’s cos they had lunch offer from 11 to 3pm.
We had free rice and steamed egg too!
The store owner was really nice.

4 of us!

Satisfying meal!

Evie outside the shop!

On the bus to Daejeon Station..
With the latest handsign.. as learnt from Evie’s buddy..
JY wanted to check out his basketball shoes!

Cute little crocs.
How come I never find them cute in Singapore?
I always thought crocs are fashion disasters!

Headed to the basement again to check out price of umbrellas..

While Bryan checked out the Skin Food stuff he wanted to get from Eevonn.

JY got a lipstick for his mom..

Anyway…the story of the day was that JY got a pair of Iverson Basketball shoes at 39,000!
It was the last pair.. and it was his size.
Ok slightly bigger.. But it fit just nicely!
While Bryan got a pair of Nike Sneakers, yes, the same design that Evie has.. In a different colour..
And he got it at 49,000! Real good steals.
I will buy my shoes online.. Cos they cost 7000 to 10000won only!

It was raining..
So we took shelter at a nearby shopping centre called Milano21.

Couldn’t wait any longer..
The shopping centre was pathetic..
No shops.. and real costly.
So we left.. and walked in the rain.
:( Poor me with my self-made umbrella.

Well, we wanted to cook crabs actually..
Never tried Korean crabs..
So we started on a journey in search of the 3rd Homever..

Latest and cheapest trend in Korea…

But to no avail.

We stopped by Homeplus Express..

It was really costly..
Like Singapore’s Cold Storage maybe?

On our way to a bus stop..

Hopefully to find a bus that brings us to the Homever at Yuseong..

Evie who’s helping me carry the bag :)
So nice of him!
I wasn’t feeling well btw..
So dont misunderstand.. I’m not the kind of girl who like making the guy carries girly bags.

Found the bus stop. Took 140..

Evie and Bryan saw Homever sign from a distance..
And by the time we pressed the stop button..
It was already about 2km away from the time we last saw it..
Thank goodness Bryan told us to turn in at that junction..
Else I think we would have walked even further…
Btw, the map is lousy. It says “Walk straight and will see a Homever..”
But we walked for quite a while.. and even had to take another bus..
And btw, it wasn’t the Homever at Yuseong… nor was it the 3rd Homever we were trying to find.
It was the Homever near Galleria.. known as Homever Duscan.
Sigh. I hate the Bus Route map.
It has cheated me twice. :'(

Ok at least we found it.

By the time we reached..
We were all hungry.. from the walking.
One of the donuts shop were clearing their donuts..
At 6 for 5000won! So we bought! (:

Haha.. Check out JY’s face.. :P

It was delicious btw..
The icings of the donuts were made of real chocolate melted on it.

More happy people!

Meals we promised ourselves to have on the last day before we leave Daejeon.

They call Water Coolers, “Water Purifier”.

Time to hit Homever again!

Octopus tentacles! How huge!

No crabs for us.. They cost 39,800. :(
So ex! Can’t afford.
So much for a crabby meal.


JY and his milk!

And cup.

And that’s all for today..
Went back and cooked dinner…
With our latest dumpling collection and rice.
Just another cozy night to end our Saturday. (:


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