Galleria Roast Chickies – 2 for 5000won!

On Friday…
We headed out at about 4plus with Jen and gang :)

Alighted around EMart area and walked to Galleria..
Cos we had a mission in mind..
And that was to buy roast chickens back for everyone!
Yup JY, Bryan, Jun Hong and Mark didn’t come along for various reasons…
Like doing their readings, sleeping, and finishing up their projects.

Anyhow, the few of us, Jen, YZ, Jieyin, Ho Hyeon, Evie and myself had great fun exploring Galleria area again.

Inside Galleria

Rice cakes!


Kimchi.. EWW!

And we topped up on groceries as well.
Intended to cook on Sunday!

Jieyin got some really huge buns :)
And it supposedly taste really nice!

On our way to find the chickens!
It was not really near Galleria..
And all we had was a clue telling us it was by the roadside and before the bus stop at Galleria.

YZ’s umbrella was spoilt.. and so he got this!

On our way there..

And from the junction faraway…
I think we found it!


With the Roast Chicken Auntie!!

Roast Chickies!
And we were getting about 14..
So we kinda bought everything she was roasting..

Topping up!

The sauce!

What’s roast chickens without drinks?

Cakes in convenience store!

Last photo!

Love my new hair!

Yay.. and they are ready!

Auntie getting the oil out!

And I spotted a really nice looking cathedral!

Happy Evie with his roast chickies!

Went back by cab..
And was greeted by my package again!

Love the packaging!

And love the bag even more!
Think I am gonna get a few more bags before I head back to SG..
Bags here are cheap.
For the same price in SG, I can get about 4 here?

The meal was marvellous..
So everyone was happy!

Salivating yet?

Ok maybe not.


And finally…
Jun Hong brought the watermelon he has won..
To share with us!
Thank you Jun Hong!!

And I think JY found his retiring job..
As a watermelon seller. :D
A simple day…
But a really happy one.
I love meals like this..
Where everyone sit down, and talk over the meal.
Really heartwarming!


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