Korea Post Office, Expo Core Photo Developing and Hair-Cutting at Hair Sense!

Last Thursday, I headed to the Post Office once again..
To mail out letters to my parents and Evie. Heh.
And wierdly, they arrive on the same day.
But anyhow, I made 3 people really happy.. :)

Well, I dropped by Expo after which to get my film developed.
And once again, I was a happy girl.
My 2nd Lomo film turned out much better than I expected!
Oh and it was really cheap too.. 4800won to develop about 19 photos. :)
Developing in Singapore would have cost me $13…
Yup that’s cos people still uses SLRs here.

Evie also developed photos for our buddies as farewell gifts.

Headed to Dunking Donuts later on as I was starving and was afraid that I might be really hungry during Korean.
Bought some really nice mini donuts!

After which, we headed to one of the hairdressers Jen and YZ recommended the day before..
8000won normally for wash and cut..
But for international students of ICU, 7000won only!
And where can you find such a price in SG?

Choosing hairstyles!

And it starts..
They cut really fast I must say!
And they are good at it.

Evie’s new style..
He wanted to cut the hairstyle of the magician we met in Lotte World…
But umm.. actually I find that it looks just the same…
In fact, when we went to Korean class..
Jen, Feng Meng and YZ felt that he didn’t cut his hair..
As for me, she chopped off quite a bit..
So there was some difference.. :P

And my curly looking one..
Somehow they love blowing it up in that manner to make it look like it has more volume.
But I was happy.
They cut away my damaged hair, and I have got nice fringe again!

Off to Korean class! (:
That’s our Thursday for you.


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