Lotte World Mania!

Sorry for this really late post.
Firstly, no mood to blog.
Secondly, too tired to..
Thirdly, I got too many things to do… :P

Anyway… here comes Lotte World!!!

On the trip there!

Hungry me eating before we alighted!

That’s Mark

Feng Meng and me

Awaiting happily to enter!

Evie and his room mate Oudone

The weather looks good :)

They have this everywhere..
At all major shopping centres and now even theme parks!
Feel so sorry for the lady who has to stand in heels whole day long :(
With no one to talk to..
And having to bow at every car that enters.

Entrance of Lotte World

Whee, the fun at the other side!


Here goes!!!

The band!

The indoor side of Lotte World

Jen and her hot air balloons!

Evie and Mark

Magic Island, the outdoor side of Lotte World!
We were all told to play the outdoor side asap as the weather was gonna turn bad soon..

Feng Meng

Gyro Swing!
The very first one we played..
And it turned out to be one of the most fun ones!

Went up, and came down.

And that explains messy hair!

Our next attraction!

Bumper cars!

Didn’t care further about the queue.
Went for the fastest and most exhilirating one!
Alantis, one of my favourite rides!

Those who went and gave the thumb ups

Swan boats!
That we didn’t sit in the end. :(

I am starting to believe I look good in pink.
Oh man, Jing kill me.

In Alantis!

And the aftermath

The crazy guys who went up the Gyro Drop..
Nah, dont like this at all.

I chose to sit the Bungee Drop which went up and down immediately.
It didn’t feel as bad.

The Magic Show guy!

Awaiting the lamest attraction of all.
Ghost House which didn’t feature anything scary but a very lame ghost show made of 3D..
It involves a cat and only a cat in a haunted house.

It wasn’t long before it started raining cats and dogs..
After we headed into the indoor side for lunch.
Hai :(
Hate the raining season!

Evie and his beary ears

Getting in touch with our kiddy side

The symbolic creatures of Lotte World

Had to re-enter after lunch!

The pretty babes at Reception!

Ice Rink View from Food Court :)

Evie went to find Jen and people while Bryan and me were at the food court..
Lucky him managed to capture all of these while we were stoning :P

Oops this was taken when he’s on the way back I think!
Actually I thought it was quite obscene for a family entertainment site like Lotte World..
Imagine, so many kids around and they are parading in scantily dressed attires.
OH well!
Maybe I am conservative… :P

We gave up waiting after a while..
And the food court wasn’t rather cheap after all.
So we headed to Lotteria, hoping to find them..
But ended up actually there was another food court somewhere else! :P
Anyway.. we were kinda cheated by the poster..
Cos it showed the icecream and 2 hamburgers..
But it was actually just 1 burger out of the 2 and the icecream.
Anyhow, the Kurian-lookalike was nice!

And we met up with them!

On our way for more rides!

While waiting for Desperados!

And it was actually really fun!
Shooting game! :D

And we got magic passes for the viking ship! :)
It was really fun!
Cos it was huge and fast and it went really high..
Ok not as high as the one in Sunway Lagoon and Berjaya Times Square..
But still!


Heh, the garden stage..
We didn’t actually sit down to watch performances..
But it was so pretty we can’t help sneak a shot.

And the site where they did the filming of Stairway to Heaven! :)

More attractions, but due to the lack of time, and the queueing time’s crazy..
It can hit more than 70minutes!

The max we waited was 40minutes..
And that was to take the indoor roller coaster..
Btw, we got really tired of waiting too. :(


Off we go..
It was fine, but Evie hurt his ears..
Cos it was really fast and the seats were exactly padded.
In fact at a point of time, I felt like my entire neck was gonna get sprained.
Lucky I pulled my head down fast enough.

Well, we met up with the rest again :)
And this time round we went for some mini games!
I found out Evie was really pro at shooting.
Haha, he should be a sniper sia.

It was time for our next Magic Pass: The Adventures of Sinbad..
Quite wasted I must say.
Cos when we went, there was no queue!!!

Inside it!

It was really fast..
Quite sad, not as exhilirating as I thought.
Should have taken the Pharoah one instead!
What a waste.

The band that was playing!

But not as wasted as the next one we were about to go..
The tornado.
We even paid 1000won to get in..
Only to get wind blowing at us.
Yes, like those from fan.

But that didn’t dampen us too much…

Cos we went for Jungle Adventure which was like River Rapids?
It was fun I must say…
Boobling up and down in water..
I just have something with wet rides..
I love em’!

I even made them ride it with me twice!!

Wanted to run for Pharoah’s but…
The waiting time was 70minutes. :(

So just took some photos.

Anyway, Lotte World was great..
But… just a word of advice for those who are heading to Seoul..
Never go on a weekend..
You just waste your time queueing away.
If you want, go on a weekday..
Or go really early on a weekend.
Make sure you check your weather forecast too.
That’s all!

I will blog about this week tmr! :)


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