Mud Festival Cancelled, Homever Again and Pom Pom

One more test for the week.
But I found sometime to blog..
After all Evie’s sleeping in his room and I am waiting for him to study.

On Saturday..
We were supposed to head to Boryeong for Mud Festival.
Woke up and wanted to go over to Evie’s to find him.
But on the way, I met Mr Lee and he told me that there was gonna be a typhoon (!@#) and it was gonna be cancelled.
I, in full dress and gear…
Was totally disappointed.
Went to Evie’s room and told him..
And he was like “HUH? I just got ready to go!”

We were all really sad and mad at the same time.
Cos firstly, the weather looks like it was clearing up and…
Mr Lee didn’t even ask for our opinion.
Yes I understand that its gonna be his fault if he knows there’s gonna be a typhoon yet he’s bringing us there..

Anyway, I went to Evie’s room to sit down and chill for a while before all of us were going us for Brunch.
At about 1005, we received a call telling us to meet at the bus area in 5 minutes as there was gonna be a taxi who will bring us to some church..
And this church has catered a bus to Mud Festival.
5 minutes!
I immediately rushed out..
Saw Jiang Yuan and told him that Evie was gonna repack cos he threw all the clothes into the laundry.
Loads of miscommunications..
And when we headed to the church..
The bus was gone.
Means only Jieyin, Jen and YZ managed to go..
Oh well :(
No one’s fault really..

Feng Meng, myself, Evie and Jiang Yuan decided to make the best out of our trip..
And since there was bus no. 5 just outside the church…
We headed to HOMEVER! to stock up again.
Yes, Homever is like our 2nd home!

Delicious lunch at Homever :)

Found an Eco Mart which sells everything at 1000won..
Had loads of fun inside..
Trying out new things..
And buying cheap things too.

And got our favourite groceries too.
Ooh You! (aka Milk in Korean)

Giant Chef

Inside Homever :)

Time to leave..

But it was flooding everywhere.. :(
We almost didnt have a way back home..
If the water levels got too high, there would be no path for us!

Yes, it was the raining season again.
Hate going out around this period..
It’s dirty, gross and irritating..

Anyway, that evening..
We decided to make our own dinner..
Bulgogi, Pork Cutlet, Brocolli and Rice :)
Really nice :)

And well, when I went to find the supervisor for detergent..
I was happy to know…
My parcels have arrived!
Yes its much cheaper shopping online in Korea :)
In fact, we can buy shirts at 3200won?
And I got a new bag at $13 :)
So happy!

Got a new cap for myself too!
It can get quite hot here :(

Evie got a new bag as well!

And we ended the day with the movie “A Series of Unfortunate Events” :)
It was a heartwarming and amusing night spent with 4 of my favourite people :)
Feng Meng, Evie and Jiang Yuan..
Mud Festival might have been disappointing..
But you guys have made my Saturday :)
Thank you!

Me with my happy buys :)

Anyway, my parents just left for China on 17th..
And Pom Pom had two foster parents in the meanwhile.
He was at Jingie’s for a couple of days..
Before heading to Tengy’s house.
And here’s the photos of him in TY’s house!
Why is he so unnaturally guai? WEIRD!

The first day when he arrived!
“I think Mummy Jo don’t want me anymore :(”

Orientation with the two older rabbits!
“Here’s Mao Mao, my big old friend!”

In Tengy’s room!

“I’m feeling sleepy :(”

“You are taking candid shots! I better be at my best!”

In Mao Mao’s cage!
“Hehe, my new house, I stole it from Mao Mao!”

On Tengy

“I’m feeling shy and giddy, why you turn me upside down!”

“I want to be on the other side!”

“Here! Now I look my best :)”

“Enough of phototaking please!”

“Hmpf, don’t care about you le!”

“Whee! I am on the top of the world”
“This place is so comfy I can sleep here!”

“Oops. I am caught in the act.”

“Hmpf! I will look away!”

“Bye Tengyi Kor Kor, thanks for taking care of me and I had alot of fun at your house!”

I will blog as soon as I can after tomorrow’s test!
Stay tuned for Lotte World!


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