A Room That Really Belongs To Me

It was a lazy afternoon spent in the dormitory today.
Started tidying up my room as usual.
Then I sat down wondering why I could keep the room here so clean but not at the one at home.

I decided maybe it was because I didn’t really treat the room as my own.
After all, I couldn’t paint the walls the colours, arrange the tables in the way I want it to be…
Hence I decided, when I go home after this summer programme, I am gonna revamp my room.
Like rearrange the furniture in the manner I want it to be and to paint the colours of my wall yellow and orange.. or maybe lime green and sky blue.

And yes, that’s what I have been doing this afternoon..
Now all I need is a nod from my parents.
And tadah. Finally a room that really belongs to me :)
WHEE! :D:D Excited! Can’t wait!!!!


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