Daecheonghosu Lake, ICU Summer Night and Clubbing in Daejeon!

It was Friday again! :)
And the few of us, Ying Zhen, Jieyin, myself, Evan, Bryan and Jiang Yuan decided to head out to the Daecheonghosu Lake!
Anyway, it was a long wait for the bus again..
But we were chitchatting and the time passed pretty fast.

The doggy we met while waiting for our bus!
Love his hairstyle!

On the journey there!

And when we reached somewhere nearby..
We got to see a wet market..
Something like the five day market that Evan and I didn’t go with the rest.

Stopped for drinks and such

It was really humid and the sun wasnt really kind on us.

We took a cab in..
No buses…
And had to walk further to get to the lake.

Everyone had protection of some kind from the sun.
Just like how Jiang Yuan is looking like a bao bao here. :P

Finally we were there.
Here’s a small preview to the lake.

The lion statue!

Nono, not the road to the lake.
Else I will just peng.

The dam!
Yes the first time I see a dam in my entire life.
Yes, that suaku.

After much stairs, and climbing, and perspiration.


Jieyin and myself

Yes, the pavilion where Bryan, myself and Jieyin took shelter under while the rest were aiming around with their cameras.

HOT!! :(
No wonder I don’t get fair ever since I came to Korea..
The sun here is much stronger than the one in Singapore..
Must be because Singapore’s more cloudy!

Anyway, Evie found a museum which had airconditioning.
Without much thoughts, we headed in.

And we met some kids along the way!

Really cute!

More from the top level of the museum!

Couldn’t take it any longer and headed back into the museum!

The stamp

More kids!

And they were having some exhibition of art pieces made using recycling materials.

The kids were having fun in the museum with phototaking.
So were we!

The cute little girl :)

On our way back to the entrance to take a bus out of the lake to Sintanjin.

Some lovely shots before we left.

While waiting for the non-existent bus.
Gave up and found an English-speaking Korean who helped us call two cabs in.
He was really nice and kind!
Despite the sweltering sun.. he stood under it and helped us with whatever ways he could to get us out.
But we met a rather sicko cab driver..
Who kept molesting Evie who was sitting in front..
First his chest, then his thighs.
Quite gross.
I have the video even.. But I don’t think Evie would like it if I were to put it up.

And finally, we were at Daejeon station!
Met up with Ho Hyeon and Jen who were having project meeting in the morning and couldn’t join us.

It was already 3pm when we met up with them.
Hence.. it was time for lunch!
Brought them to Han’s Deli..
Evie and me passed by when we were walking around the other time..
But were too lazy to climb up the stairs.

Hungry people waiting for food.

The food!

And the empty plates in less than 15minutes.
Yes yes, even Evie.

Happy people with their tummies filled!

The cute toilet signs they had!

With full stomachs…
We headed to shop!

As it was Jieyin, Jen, Ying Zhen and Ho Hyeon’s first time around this area..
We decided to bring them underground… to check out the shopping district. :)

And Jiang Yuan stopped to get some frozen fruits before heading down.

Jieyin, Jen, Ying Zhen, myself and Evie got more slippers.
After all, where can you get quality slippers that don’t break at such a price.
Btw, the price went down by another 4k.. :)
So yay, another pair of Havaianas for me!
No more lousy Charles and Keith or M(phosis anymore.

And I went back to the shop to get my Elitist Baby shirt!
Love the quality and material :)
Really comfy to wear!

And I got really nice sundaes too!

Ok, and right at this point, we officially shopped till we dropped.
And headed back to Jeonmindong area which was near our school.

Anyway, Friday was a really long day for me..
Cos we had ICU Summer Night in the evening!
Jiang Yuan, Bryan, myself and Evie headed back to the dorm to wash up before heading to the party. :)
Yup, that’s also because Evie, myself, Feng Meng and Kyle, a local will be heading to the clubs around Daejeon to check out the nightlife.
Anyhow, let me get on with it.

The Summer Night was amusing :)
We had Cookies eating competition!
Where we were supposed to finish 7 cookies in a minute.
Sounds easy.
But when it gets too dry, and your saliva does not get regenerated fast enough..
You absolutely cannot swallow even when you want to :(

Everyone having a try at it.

It was also a night filled with food and snacks!

Catching up and phototaking as well :)

Gilwon, who will be heading to NUS the next semester.

Pardon my dressing.. :)
I was heading to a club..

Penned our memories :)

Yummy food~

Maggie Mee Fastest Eating Competition
We wanted to join but the Koreans ran up to the stage even faster than we did..
Oh well!

Bryan, Jieyin and his buddies!

The watermelon eating competition
And this time round we were fast enough to run to the stage..
So 3 of them took part!
Namely Jiang Yuan, Ying Zhen and Jun Hong

As the watermelons were in different sizes…
It was Scissors Paper Stone to decide who gets to take the smallest one

Btw one of them won.
Guess who!

Was it Jiang Yuan?

Jun Hong?

Or the original Singaporean eater… who squats – Ying Zhen?

Let me give you a subtle hint.

I guess the pic tells a lot.

Us! :)
Cheering them on!
It was Singapore against Korea!

The watermelon losers! :P

The winner!

And the prize is a gigantic watermelon.
Btw, watermelons here don’t come cheap.
They cost 10,000won!

Finally, it all came to an end..
And the few of them were heading back to dorm and it was really tiring after a long day of..
Lake, shopping and Summer Night :)

Accompanying them while waiting for Feng Meng who was coming from dormitory!

Waiting for Kyle :)

ICU at night

The night scene of Daejeon’s Dong-gu!
Btw, the streets are so dirty due to the new advertising strategy administered and that’s throwing phamplets on the floor!

We went Cocoon and BugiBugi!
It was nice, and the music was fine..
But definitely, not a place I would wanna go anytime soon..
Maybe cos I don’t really like dancing..
Or maybe because I was really too tired.
More to come!


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