The Aftermath of Korean Test!

It’s gonna be a short post for now..
Really shagged from Lotte World today. :)
After Korean test on Thursday..
The Prof let us off early..
And off we went to eat the 2500won BBQ Pork!
But this time round, we decided to eat the 3000won one instead.
Well it was quite disappointing cos it was more fatty and less meaty.
Anyway, this time round, Feng Meng came along with us!

The auntie who owns this shop!
Well, and today, she showed us her son’s grades at ICU..
And even treated us to 3 bottles of soft drinks all cos of we are schoolmates..
So nice of her!
But actually, we dont know her son.


The vege that makes it all complete.

Our treats!

Cooked pork, now do you understand what I mean by fatty?
We weren’t very full!

Feng Meng!

The spicy taugae and umm vege.


At the entrance of the shop

After a rather fatty meal, and cos the next bus was at 8pm..
We decided to walk back!
It was Feng Meng’s 1st and I think her last walk too :P

It was a rewarding walk indeed.
We burnt off fats and got to watch an amazing sunset!

Isn’t it lovely? :)


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