Korean Bulgogi Steamboat and Concert!

Right after Linear Algebra..
Went back and started blogging about the previous entries..
Watch Ming Zhong Zhu Ding Wo Ai Ni with Evie..
And started getting ready..
Cos we were heading to a Korean concert with the Prof. :)

On the bus out to Expo area to have dinner!

At Expo!
Evie and me decided to bring the rest to the place where our buddies brought us to for dinner.
Anyway.. most of us were getting pretty sick of fried food.


Side dishes!

Photo taking as usual!

The main dish – Bulgogi with Golden Mushies!

And delicious sides – Button Mushies!

Lol, I look so dolly here!

Its coooooking!

All ready to eat!

After which we took a cab down to the performing theatre.
Btw, its about the same price if we take a bus there, that’s provided we have 4 people in the cab.

Here we are!

All excited to head in!

Looks like an Emperor hat!

Everyone including the ITTP graduate students!

Part of the ladies! Jen and Jieyin


All the ladies!

Feng Meng and myself!

Evie and the ladies!

Us with the Korean Professor!

Feng Meng and Mark with the Prof

Looking at the programme for the day!

This photo is funny!

YZ, Ho Hyeon, Jen and Jieyin

Ku ku Evie!

Us as usual

Bryan, JY, Evie and myself

It looks like a wreath right?

Lovely place!

Ok actually from here onwards, I am not supposed to take photos.
But managed to sneak some under my jacket

The music was a little lullaby..
But when it started going into the fast tempo mode, most of us who dozed off woke up.
I thought the singing was not bad..
Didn’t like the music they were making though… Too noisy.

Anyway, some photos to end it all.

Evie inside the concert hall


Mark, another Evie

The nightview of the concert hall

Evie’s Twilight :)


Good night everyone! :)
That should be all for the few days to come.
Waiting for Friday where there will be more photos..
And Sat where it will be Mud Festival..


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