Daejeon’s Shopping District – Dong-Gu!

On Sunday, I woke up at 12pm..
As I only slept at 4am the previous night washing clothes and drying them.
But right after lunch, we took the earliest bus out which was 140pm..
And alighted around Expo area to take 711 to Daejeon Station, which was also called Dong-gu
It was like Busan and Seoul..
I think the next few weeks I am gonna cooped up in Daejeon.

As usual, photos on the bus.

Castle like thingy, actually if I am not wrong its a wedding hall.

Dong gu!

Totally love the shoe shop layout.
Makes the shoes really buyable. :P



Korea’s latest trend. Air Force 1.

On the street

Check out the shopping area!

In ABC Mart checking out our havaianas price.

As we headed down to the subway we felt as if we found some hidden treasure.

No wonder Koreans are so fair.
They do their shopping underground.
It was like from Bishan to AMK filled with shops.
Maybe even further than AMK!

Cute Tee!


Evie wanted to get this, but I told him TW is selling cheaper so he decided against it!

Lovely shirts that cost 5000won!

Evie’s blazer

More shops!

After a while, we decided to get some fresh air and went above ground :)
Only to emerge in another shopping district!

In Spris, trying out the shoes so that we can get it online at half the price!
Love the spiral display! It moves.. :)

Inside Outback Steakhouse which we didnt eat anything..
Cos it was too costly and we cant afford it.. :(

Back on the streets hunting for another place to eat!

Shades at 3000won!
I think I will get one some other time

Love this shop’s front door design!

Headed down to go to Galleria to check out the place..
And wanted to get food for Breakfast, but looks like there was no supermarket.
We ate at Misoya again..
Yes udon. :S

Wanted to walk to Homever but I got my directions wrong so we walked the other way and got ourselves at another place..
Thank goodness we had bus back to school :)

Yet another wedding hall.

And if I am not wrong, we were at a wedding street cos they were selling all sorts of wedding stuff.

The traditional wedding costume that Koreans wear!


Hmm Korean kind of wedding suits and gowns!

More towards the Western style..
Despite not reaching Homever, I guess we were still rather happy and all cos we got to explore another street that was filled with their kinda of stuff – Wedding goods.

Btw, Christianity is the majority here..
Alright that’s all for today :)
I will blog about the concert asap!
Gotta go prepare my Korean presentation and homework!


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