Busan Part 2 – Taejondae and Nampo-Dong Shopping!

Woke up in the morning..
And off we headed to Busan Tower..
Cos Ying Zhen and Jen said that the morning scenery would be the nicest..

The start of it all.

Evie took this, thought it was really nice.

Pigeons resting on the street.

Disturbing the peace and tranquility.

Busan Tower

The glory

On top of it!

Deep in thoughts.

The man at work



At the bottom of the tower :)

In the bookstore!
So cute!
Found Jen’s biscuits there.
After searching high and low for it..

:P Bryan looks cute here

The nice atmosphere

The dragon..

Anyway, we saw this old lady sitting at the stairs with a blue cage that has 4 birds.
There was a sign saying 500won..

I thought she meant that, “Pay me 500won and I will set a bird free”
Lol, so did Bryan and Evie
Anyway, I took out 2000won, all ready to set the 4 birds inside free.
But who knows..

It was actually fortune telling!

Look at the smart birdie!
Really adorable.

Fortunes in Korean
We need to find a local to help us with this!


Anyway, we were all hungry by the time we came down.
Decided to settle down at KFC cos Bryan and JY kept recommending it.

It was alright.. Not oily..

They were taking this while I was downstairs getting drenched waiting for them

More caps!
Love this cap.. Should have gotten it..
But I was looking for a cheaper alternative

5000won shirt that Evie didn’t buy.

Streets of Nampo-Dong

Thought this shirt was really lame.

Really love the shoes in Korea..
But their heels are around 3.5 to 4″ high!
Can’t wear. :(

Nice bag that Bryan wanna get for Eevonn.

Doraemon Bag that Evie wanted to get for his cousin

12 Shen Xiao

The food streets

Ha, thought Bryan look quite old man here

Ok, make it every pic with these kinda specs!

:) Admiring.
Really should have bought this.

Get what I mean now?

Do I look like a superstar here?

The streets of Nampodong

9900won shirts!
I think Evie got the white one

Cute cakes

Insulting boxers

Pusan International Film Festival


More people!

Teenie Weenie!

They were selling this everywhere but I didn’t get to try it..
Until today!

Well it wasn’t exactly delicious..
But it was ok..

Crazy Evie looking for us when we were just sitting outside the shop

Hungry us stepped into Krispy Kremes!
They were giving out free donuts as usual.
But if you wanted flavours other than the glazed ones, you need to pay!

Walked into ABC Mart..
And got myself a pair of Havaianas!

Bye slippers..
The soles are bloody worn out..
But I can’t find a shoe that fits me well.
That’s why I had to make do with this for so long :(

We saw people taking photos of her..
So I assume she’s a star of some sort
And sneaked some photos

And reached the subway so as to make our way to Taejondae.

Bye slippers!

Running out of time.
4 hours and we had to climb another mountain and make our way to the trains


On our way to Taejondae!

New slippers!
NOTE: I just got news I could have gotten one at 11,000won online..
And they will deliver to the dorm.

We reached!
Like this photo!


Well, when we started climbing, we thought it was gonna be a short distance..
But I think I ended walking about 3km.. upslope.
Super steep.
I was super shagged.. :(
But anyway, it was all worth while.

Heh, a glance of it.

Finally downslope.

Check out the winding road

Still far

Almost there

There we are!

Lovely cliffs

Postcard worthy shots

I love the scenery

Three of us!
Finally one group photo!

Love the breeze and air

Bryan and the cliff

The beauty of Taejondae.
Lucky we didn’t take the cruise..
Else, how can we get such shots!


Bye Taejondae!

This picture is worth a million dollars.
Cos you seldom see Evie having messy hair

Star shaped flowers!

The biscuits that Jen told me to get :)
It was the one that La Bi Xiao Xin eats in the cartoon (As told by them)
I didn’t watch that cartoon so I don’t know anything about it.
It was delicious I must say :)

Anyway, when we headed out, we realised there was a tram that will bring us all the way up and down.
So frustrating.
Hai, but we had no choice but to pay the round trip price as we only had an hour to get back to Busan station..
Grab our dinner and get onto the train.
But for the fats and calories I burnt, I think it was alright.
Anyhow, I was really tired that night.

Busan station at night!

Our train!
:) It takes 3 and a half hours.
I was dozing off on the train..
But thanks for the shoulders Evie, else I would have sprained my neck.

Thanks Bryan and Evie for taking care of me throughout the trip and for the funny company!
:D I had a great time!


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