Busan Day 1 – Haeundae, Mt Geumjong Fortress and Gwanganli Bridge

On Friday morning, we woke up at 6am..
Evie’s buddy, Joe, came and pick us up at 7am…
And we headed to Daejeon station, reaching at about 725am.
Got our breakfast at a local cafe..
And waited for our KTX!

The guys!

And the lady..


On the train..

It was a 2hour long affair..
So it was rather tiring..
I practically slept through it.
But when we reached Busan..
I was rather excited.

Army guys.

In Busan!

Busan Air!

Outside the station!

Protestants in the morning?

The metro was a distance away.
Almost couldn’t locate it

Not your usual vending machine..!
Vending machine that sells books!

A pinch in the morning keeps the doctor away..

On the Metro!

The tracks!

At our motel area..
It was a shopping district and many attractions were around the corner.
So we saved quite a bit on transport..
Despite so, we still bought a one-day ticket for 3500won cos we were heading out of Nampo Dong today!
Must thank JY for the recommendation!
We originally wanted to stay at Lord Beach Hotel but it was fully booked.

However, the motel was a hard find.
Cos the directions they gave was not very clear..
And the police station that we were supposed to spot didn’t look like one.

The journey to the motel.

We found the motel..
And it was located at a rather sleazy area.
I will prove to you later.
Thank goodness I had two guys with me..
Else it would be scary.

Having lunch!
Kurian look alike

:D Yum.

Shaker fries.

Busan port!
Wanted to take the cruise but it will only operate when there are 10 people..
And there was only 3 of us.
Ended up we left disappointed and decided to head back to the motel to check in..
And get our things to head to Haeundae beach instead.
Hopefully at that place, we would have more people joining us on the cruise.

The bridge back to Nampo Dong!

On the way back..
We found this underground shopping arcade.
It was ok..
But we didn’t spend much time shopping as we wanted to rush off to the beach and make full use of our time.
It was 1plus at that time.

Do you understand me now?
It’s sleazy!

The motel!
Sam Won Jong.
Anyway, we got it from a decent website..
So we were rather surprised by the location.
But the rooms were clean.
So I am fine with that.

We decided to go to Mt Geumjong Fortress instead..
As it was still early for Haeundae.


Cable car up.. It was the only way.

The journey starts.

Check out the view..
I think it was worth every single cent!

The cable car..

At the top..
Ok almost.
Halfway up the mountain.

Nice scenery.

We went hiking..
Anyway,, during this period Bryan started talking about the cursed forest.
It was quite scary.

And we are almost there..


:D At the top of the world (Almost)

Hehe, suicidal? :D

Particularly like this photos with me using the lomo.





Haha, more thought-invoking pictures.

It was amazing, the views and all.
But it was supposed to be a fortress..
So we were kinda disappointed when we only saw rocks.
Anyway, long story, Will explain later.

Evie the Meditator.

Anyway, when we left the fortress..
We found out that we were only at the start..
There was supposed to be even more things up there if we continue climbing up.
But it was rather tiring..
So… a little disappointed that we didn’t reach the top..
But yet, happy cos we had a rather picturesque view :)

Heading down!

Much better than Busan Tower I feel.

Lovely silouettes.

At our next stop..

The beach that everyone talks about!

Love the beach!
It was pretty!

And the sunset too.


The water was clear!

:) Love this picture as well.

Nice? :D

Getting ready…


Love this jumping photos!

Check out our tanned lines.

After which we explored around the area and found a seafood market..
Selling rather weird things.

Really cute, the way they were swimming.

I have no idea whats this thing is.
JY and gang were rather adventurous..
I think they tasted it..
But not for faint-hearted Bryan, Evie and me.

Caps on sale!

Bryan and his 5000won cap!
Super worth it.

Looking for food.
Hungry us, and rather fussy us.

I think we found it.

Yes we did.

It was a rather well-made decision!

Evie trying on Bryan’s cap..
But I dont think he looks nice in caps.

Food :D
Really delicious..
Love the meals I had in Busan.
I think they are rather close to Japan..
So most of them could understand English.. or rather are trained in a way to handle tourists..
And somehow the food variety was larger..

A hungry man is an angry man!
A full man is a happy man!


After which, we headed to the last destination which was the…
Gwanganli Bridge!
My camera is not that zai when it comes to night shots..
So pardon me.
Anyway, I was playing around with the Aperture and Shutter settings..

It’s definitely prettier in real life..
These pictures does not do justice to it.

Night settings!

Haha, I think I shouldn’t touch A/S mode from now on!

Just one last pic to end it all.
Will blog about Busan Day 2 asap :)
Till then, take care everyone!


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