Homever Duscan

On Thursday morning..
We slept for 3 hours only.
Cos there was midterm tomorrow and we were still revising.
On our way to midterm!

Very bored me.
But rather horribly painted nails.

After midterm, the few of us..
Feng Meng, Bryan, Jieyin, Evie and myself..
Went to check out the Homever at Duscan.
Nah, not very accessible.. :(
Perspired like siao cos I was wearing my winter thermal.
Yes, I know, I must be kuku or out of my mind.

Tired me.
I wonder why I am always caught in unglam shots.

Feng Meng and me, double checking the map.



Rosy cheeks.

Heading to Homever
We found KrispyKremes on our way. :D



At the Kids section having fun.
Shoes that can buy me 7tees!

Evie and the shirts
Which he didnt get in the end…

We found a pet shop!

I like this one alot..
I really want a dog :(

In the supermarket

I like this toilet bowl cover

Wanted to bring this to Busan!
But it costs 45k.


Wierd, why dont they just key into the system.
So much for a country who is recycling crazy.

Our buys!

Feng Meng and her Yang San (Sun Umbrella)

As we were still early for Korean..
We walked down to Save Zone to check it out.

Btw the girls here only wear heels..
And they can walk like us in slippers.

Lovely cakes

Filling meals which we promised one another that we will come by for another time.


And nothing much actually so…
We left for school.
Everyone with their great buys.

The milk I got which was rather delicious!

After Korean, Evie and me met up with our buddies for dinner
They brought us to this steamboat place that sells Bulgogi aka Korean Beef
Super nice and yummy

Park and In-Ho

The food!
Super nice!

Us :)

And I found a dog that looks like Xiao Bai on the way back to dormitory.
Can’t help taking a photo with it :)

Oh ya, there’s this toad around my building.
Have been seeing him for many days.
Finally had my cam with me..

He’s really cute.
He does not hop.
He walks.
Anyway, he kinda reminds me of the frogs I used to have.
Ah. Gross.
How can I actually tahan keeping them?
I think I rmb, it was after that Frog Biopolis attachment.
Ah. Must be out of my mind again.
Stay tune for Busan post!


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