Swimming at Daejeon World Cup Stadium and Homever

Well, after our Linear Algebra test..
It was really hot and humid..
And we wanted to exercise..
So.. off we went for a swim.
And to what I am aware, the nearest swimming pool is at Daejeon World Cup Stadium.
Which wasn’t that bad after all, since that’s a historical site..
World Cup 2002 was held in Korea. ;)

All was good when we headed out at 210pm.

The view at the bus-stop.

The bus-guide which we dont quite comprehend.

Still waiting patiently..

However, we waited for close to 45minutes for the darn bus!
And no sight of it.
Note that its REALLY hot and humid..

Perspiring real badly.
Can’t wait to jump into the pool.

These girls gave up.
I think they waited for an hour.

The bus finally came.

It was empty.

Scenery sightings on bus 132!

Really tired from the waiting.. :(

Got off at the bus interchange.
Supposed to alight earlier..
But apparently the bus guide wasn’t really accurate.
The bus stop was drawn rather close to the stadium but it wasn’t..
It was 5km away!

Went walking around asking for directions.

Ended up we decided to cab there.
Didn’t wanna walk too aimlessly.
And we reached with 3000won.

Are you ready to see a REAL stadium?
It’s nothing close to Singapore’s National Stadium!

Anyway it was really nice..
The seats and all.
Just walking in felt as if I was at the World Cup.
Wonder how it is like to be filled with people!

Btw, it didn’t cost really cheap to swim.. 4500won..
But… well, at least I got to experience swimming in Korea!

It was alright.. Floats were provided..
And the deepest was 1.5m.
The bathrooms were public..
Means everyone bathes in the nude..
Ladies and gentlemen separated (DUH)
But thank goodness I have the whole thing to myself..
So I was like bathing in a giant cubicle.
This is the 2nd time already.
Think Im getting used to it.

Different views of the lovely Stadium.

We decided to walk back to where we were..
It was originally to walk to the nearest bus stop..
But we ended walking all the way to Homever..
Which was about 10km away.
In 1hour30mins.
I was just telling Jing today that I have built muscles, and that nope I didn’t lose weight.

Bye World Cup Stadium!

Scenery on the way to Homever!

And finally..
We kinda saw it.


Excited me.

WOW, it was a huge bargain store!

And I finally got my slippers here.
At 3000won!

How cheap is that!
But a pity it was free size..
Hence Evie didn’t get…

First bookstore we saw!

After those swimming and walking…
Really hungry and tired.
We shared a 10,000won meal..
Which was rather worth it!

In Lotteria!

The number card that vibrates when its your turn.

Shaker Fries

Two burgers and 2 chicken pieces.
Not bad :D
Bulgogi and Shrimp burgers. :D

New ambassador for Lotteria?

And after the filling dinner..
We made our way to the supermarket upstairs to take a look :D

Soft toys!

More stationary!
But this time round.. I didn’t get anything..

Evie did, he got something for his little cousin who likes Xiao Ding Dang.


Evie wanted to get this bag for Jing.
Cos it reminded him of her?
Hmm. LOL
Is that a good thing or bad thing?

Korean umbrellas are really nice and unique..
I might get one here!
Considering its cheap and nice and light!

Ladies here are fond of wearing this..
Cos they like to keep themselves as fair as possible.
Like I say, I look like ABNN here.

Just buying one of them can get me a sofa..

Shoes with heels.
Evie loves them. :D

This is a rather famous snack in Korea..
But it doesnt taste as well as Hello Panda..

Huge Frosties!

Seafood section

At the counters

Apples and baskets that cost a bomb.
Fruits are indeed costly here.

A top that Evie and me unanimously .

Great buys include two cups, plastic bags, the Doraemon notebook, a shirt that cost 5000won (working style for Evie), slippers at 5000 won and 3000won.

Bye Homever..
Evie said he like shopping here cos it gives him a rather homely feeling.
Maybe its the name!

Our first moon in Korea

Very lomo effect. I like.

Anyhow, good night everyone!
It had been a great day..
I love exploring Daejeon..
Or rather anywhere..
Cos I love surprises..
It always turn out to be nice..
We found the direct bus that will bring us to Homever and back.
And it stops just outside our dorm and it is cheaper.


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