Stuck in School :(

On the 4th of July..
Aka St Patrick’s Day..
Bryan, Evie and myself..
The lonesome three left in Daejeon…
Thanks to our Linear Algebra and Statistics Midterm…
We finally ate in the cafeteria (At least for Bryan and myself)
The two of us are rather fussy and picky about our food..
So we hadn’t tried the Cafe food at all..
Else, its either the food was too horrid.. and the nicer ones are sold out.
But we were lucky today..
Cos we went out and reached the canteen by 1120am..
We were the first ones there.
Bryan got his Hamburger steak..
While I got my noodles (didn’t know it was cold).
And Evie, his normal Korean meal.

Here are the photos.

Evie’s rather delicious looking meal.
Actually, it tastes even nicer than my cold noodles!

The only damper: The cold soup.

My cold noodles :(
It would be good if it was a tad warmer.

Bryan’s hamburger steak!



The cafeteria!

Headed to the library to study..
Trying to get as much done as possible so that we can take a break on Sat to visit the Zooland!
It’s Korea’s 2nd largest zoo if I am not wrong…

Hardworking Evie

Studied till 6pm and went for dinner.

In school :)

The school, pretty scenery.

Trying a new route to the cafeteria.

Anyway, I realised I have yet to take any photos with regards to my room.
Here goes!

The neat wardrobe..
Brimming with things!

Entrance to toilet!

The hotel looking toilet :P

Lovely bed :P

My messy desk!

More to come tonight! :D


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