Fabulous Buys – Stationary!

Eeks, supposed to do it with the previous entry but I forgot all about it.
Anyway, here are some of the fabulous buys I had in Daejeon :D
Oh, some at Seoul.
For those who know me well, I love collecting notebooks..
But seldom used them.. Unless… I really love it so much..
That I she de use.

Little Notebooks!

These are the really lovely ones that I like!

The outside, front and back.

The insides!

The little stamps that I love..
Some only cost 100won each!

The Bono Series 1!
Which I kept one for myself :D

The Bono Series 2!

The all-so-famous pencilBOX that Koreans have!

Tissue Packs from Seoul Subway!


Cute little stickers!


A pencil!

And an invisible pen!

Now goes the notebooks which I got from Artbox, miscellaneous places..
And they cost 500won each!

Little bows and star badge Evie got me :)

The notebook Evie got for me :)
He said Miffy looks like me -_-”

And I only got one file! Amazing right Jingie?

These are the Snoopy files which I got from school!

Check out the stack of notebooks!


Managed to sneak a shot of Huhu!

Have started packing some of the stuff I don’t need.

My messy desk.
Ah, when one is studying, it gets this messy.

The carebear from Jingie!

To end it all, the photographer behind them all.

Have an early night everyone! Muaks! ;)


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