Gyeongju Part 2 – Yummy Breakie and BBQ Pork!

Woke up early in the morning for a delicious breakfast!
Finally, havent been eating such nice food in ages!

:) Yummy spread of food.
Totally love their smoked salmon :)

Scenery outside the restaurant..

Wow that’s a whole load of photos of me eating!

But its ok, I will let him have a taste of his own medicine too :D

Anyway, it was a really enjoyable meal with nice scenery and company. (:
Mark on the other hand was attacking the oranges.
Check it out.

Decided to take some photos before we left the place.



Us and the Sunflower

With the Chandlier..

And more photos of the interior of Hotel Concorde

So now’s the exterior!

And we found a bridal car..!
The bridal cars there are pinky!

Anw, our next stop will be a temple on the top of a mountain which means its gonna be cold.

View from the bus.
Can you see how misty it is?

Ok we have reached.
Sorry, I don’t really have much photos cos it was really misty and my camera cannot penetrate through that to capture paranomic shots.

Anyway, Evie made a donation at the temple and wrote my name down with his family :)
So kind of him :D
The few of us from SG got a roof plate too. :)

Here’s one made by Singaporeans before us.

Our plate!

As you can see from this photo..
It was really cold, and chilly, and misty and rainy and muddy and..ah!
Many other things that made me feel really cold and dirty.

Thank goodness, they decided to go down hill finally. :)
Check out this picturesque place :)
We were heading to the Bulguksa temple!


Antique-looking ones.

Found another plate from Singapore!


Evie the avid photographer!



The insides..

And the super steep stairs.

Wishing stones!
The one at the top is our stone!

Back of the temple

The huge bell!

Around the exit

At the entrance :)
With the huge stone.

Then came the most horrible meal.
No idea what is this man.
It was a side dishes meal and none of them taste nice at all.
Really horrid!

Ok, only maybe this steamed egg?

We finished really fast.
And were really hungry.
But staying in there really was horrible, the smell and all.
Went out to take a breather and some photos.

This is one funny bird who keeps hopping from one side to the other.

Took me really long to capture this shot.

Anyway, our next destination was the Astronomy Observatory.
I was expecting something really tall and huge..


But it turned out to be like this!
How to observe stars man! LOL
But anyway, we concluded that maybe people in the past were pretty short.
Until JY told us that it was cos there weren’t anything blocking in the past.

The photographer Mark

Love this photo!

Took many flora and greens.

And not so green..

Yucky mud!

Ice storage of the past!

Attentive listeners!

Inattentive ones!

It took really long for us to go back to Daejeon..
But I had Narnia to accompany.
It was nice!
Love it! :D
Well, by the time we reached the dorm, we were all too hungry for words.
Changed, and got out for dinner via the shuttle bus.
It was BBQ pork for us!

Yummy. I think this totally compensated for that lousy lunch.

Happy and hungry people!

But there was no way to get home after the dinner as the next bus was an hour later.
So off we walked back.

And halfway through, Evie complained about the blisters on his feet.

So being nice me, I gave him my pair..
While I wore the super huge ones from him.

Ok, I think you can tell from my blog entry that…I am kinda dozing off.
Really tired from the trip to Zooland today.
Will update soon! So many stories to tell! :D


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