Gyeongju Day 1 – Pottery Making and Rain

Well, it has been a tough week.
I have been home at crazy timings of 2am and 4am.
When did I even work so hard before in NUS?
It’s terrible.
I don’t like this feeling.
Moreover, this weekend, most of the ISP people are heading to Busan without us!
That means only Evie, myself and Bryan will be heading there next weekend.
Hopefully some of them will join us again.

Headed to Expo area with Bryan, JY and Feng Meng on Friday.
Wanted to explore and top up some things.
We found the post office!

They even had Lao Hua Yan Jing for the old people!

Stamps :)

The next morning, the school brought us to another city..
Gyeongju! :)
It’s a small city but it has many history artifacts and places.
Anyway, its an expenses paid for trip so .. I can not be more thankful than now. :)

The journey there!

At the hotel.
We discovered it was 5-star!
Not bad, the school didn’t mistreat us!

This is Evie’s room.
He kidnapped my camera again so.. that’s explains.

And the scenery outside!


But.. despite so, it was raining rather heavily and..
It kinda dampened all our feelings.
Especially when some of us forgot jackets, and some of us didn’t wear jeans.
It got really cold at some point that our teeth chattered.
Anyway, we had lunch at a restaurant.
It was bibimpa!
OR rather, Korea’s mixed rojak rice!

I wouldn’t say it was nice, but it was definitely nicer than anything we had during our trip there.
I will explain why later.

JY and the kettle!

Evie and his sword.

Our tour guide.

Our next stop: Pottery Making!
Really fun and funny too!

The workshop!

He made it seemed so easy.
But when we started doing it ourselves..
We kinda destroyed them in less than a minute!

Videos of the Shifu!

And it was open to anyone to try.

Vinesh from Dubai

Evie from Singapore

Pottery with Evie

Jo from Singapore

Pottery with Jo

Raymond from Ireland

JY from Singapore

Wondering what they are squatting to see?
It was the furnace which they put their pots in for more than months.
That’s because at any one time, they put in about 100pots to heat.

Inside it!
So hot! :P Just kidding.

Finally, we had our time to do our own pots.
A pity though, we don’t get to keep.

In full glory to start.

Some instructions from Master Shifu!

Well, I finished earlier and washed my hands..
And soon everyone started asking for photos :)

Everyone deep in concentration!


Feng Meng!

Evie’s masterpiece!
Everyone liked it!

Check it out when it spins!


Btw, this is my pot!

Compare it with the Shifu’s one!
My pot is more sturdy.
Cos thicker :D

Someone’s creation with a dog and a turtle!
Really nice!

Bryan’s 1st piece
It says “Wen” which is Evonn’s chinese name

Bryan’s 2nd piece
If you can tell, it says I Love Ev.. which is short form for Evonn. :)

Mark and his cute little masterpiece!


Yup, it was time to go..
And leave our beloved pots.. :(
More scenery outside!

See. It was really gloomy and all.
And bringing umbrellas around yet getting drenched and dirty due to walking..
Aint really nice at all!

Here’s the tombs of Silla’s Kings and Queens.


Inside the tomb.
I was wondering if there were any mummies.
But deeply disappointed.
I saw only stones?

And loads of artifacts.
Which were buried together with the bodies.

Out of the tomb!

Those little molehills were the tombs btw.

I quite like this photo!
The composition and the people inside kinda complete it all.

Maple leaves!

Started having fun with the mist on the bus!

Soon, we reached our next destination.
Sorry, I really cannot recall any names!

And these were the artifacts they got from the lake.

Supposedly because the people like drinking and sat around the shelters and dropped them into the lake when they were drunk.


Next destination: Gyeongju National Museum

And inside the museum of stones..
Sorry, I have no interest in museums to be frank.

The Silla Dynasty.

Looks real huh?
They are archaeologists.

And Golden Arifacts!

Things used in the past!

Little figurines of people!

After the tough pottery class.. I have started appreciating pots.

This is a horse saddle made of insect wings.. :S

Jewellery you wont wanna wear..

At first I thought this crown was really precious..
Until I saw replicas everywhere!

In the Museum of Stars!

Our next stop: The House of the Rich
Apparently, they were rich for 13 generations!

Look at the footprints that we left.
Yes, I think you can tell how muddy it is.

Eww. Dirty feet.

And how we wash them when there’s no water.

Check out the houses!

Alex who posed for a photo :P

Very cute and sweet couple: Ying Zhen and Jen
YZ was trying to catch up with Jen so that she wont be drenched.
Really sweet guy. :)
Jen on the other hand was asking him not to worry about her and go ahead..
Really caring girl :)

The not-so-cute ones :D

Ah, I forgot about this meal..
Okay, maybe this was the best meal we had on our trip? :D

All hungry!

After the meal..
The moment we walked out..
It was ultimate cold.
I was chattering while waiting for the bus..
It was really bad :'(
Never felt so cold in my life.
It didn’t help much when Evie was chattering too.
So when we reached the hotel, I felt so warm and all.
The feeling was nice.
Like as if you just reached home.

The interior of Hotel Concorde..

I like this photo!

And this photo as well.
Mark look really cute here. :P
The lighting and all.
Too bad it was crooked.

Hehe, some of us were rather hungry..
And wanted something to munch on.
But we were more interested in the free flow cakes we will be entitled to…
If we buy something from the cafe.

Our free flow cakes.

The icecream!

Crazy boyfriend of mine.
What a sleepy night.
After chatting with them.. and listening to dedications and songs at the cafe area..

My Sunshine!

Despite a grim weather, I am thankful for the company around me..
The girls especially, where we chit-chatted throughout the night..
Laughing and mourning over funny things..
715 and XSG.. :P
It was heartwarming.
Looking forward to the next trip!

Note: As you can see, I kinda lost my interest to blog.
Too sleepy and no holiday mood. :(
Sorry Daddy and Mommy.
I hope the photos made up for them.


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