Thursdays That We All Look Forward To

It was finally end of the school week for us!
3 tests a week..
Really. :(
And people here quite smart.
In fact for the first test, about 17 people got 100!
Sigh.. And I was happy that I got 100.

Whatever la, shall just work hard and play hard too.
Headed to the gym cos classes ended early today!

The painful Hula Hoop with holes!

The treadmill!

The butt massager!

Fooling around in the gym!

Shagged us!

Stressed us!

Videos at the Gym!

Went back to hostel, got some washing done.
And went to the back of the school again, just before Korean starts!

Found more notebook shops!

This auntie was really nice!
She gave us sweets. :)
Btw, she reminds me of Dalki!

Her shop!

Bet Jingie likes this!
The mailboxes here are red!

On the way to school :)

In Korean class :)
Really fun!
Learnt alot.. and I am able to converse in simple Korean with the locals now..
At least, I can tell them I don’t want spicy, how much is it, that it is expensive, that it is delicious etc.

Videos during Korean Class!

And as we were all sick of school food..
We headed to the back of the school to have a feast!

The bug that I ate!
It was crunchy and juicy.
Yes and its the bug Maurice warned me about!
Bryan kept convincing himself that its a medicinal herb!

JY and his bug!

Us with our leaves!

Bryan.. who ate half of that plate.

Everyone who was there (:

Darling Evie and me

Evie and his tiny Yakult!

It was a meal worth spent.
So filling.
We decided to take a walk back…
And to show Jiang Yuan and Bryan where the shops were.

Red Postbox again!

We are finally there!
Anyway, we met this China guy who thought we were from China..
He even wanted a photo with us!
Felt like a celebrity!

Decided to cab back..
It didn’t hit 2000won anyway for 4 person, so it was still worth it.
Headed to Jiang Yuan’s room for fruits!

Jiang Yuan and his scary knife.
Lol, with me and Evie sitting down on the bed, he looked as if he was gonna kill us.

The watermelon only cost 500won!
It was a steal!

Our tiny grapes!
Which were horrible, and sour!
3000won :(


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