Time for Some Relaxing!

Well, one last test and we were done for the week :)
Ate Pizza behind school!
Sorry, didn’t bring my cam out so you gotta make do with blurry hp photos!

Combination Pizza!


The pizza shop!
Cozy and warm :D

Well, after studying Statistics for quite a while.
We got quite restless and decided to take a break.

I helped Evie touch up his brows and did mine too :)

I just gotta take this..
There wasn’t much space as I was using the desk.
So he sprawned all over the bed in this position.
I thought it looked quite hilarious!

And masks too!

And we played with the balls Nanta gave us too.
Hope we didn’t scare you too badly!

Cos we did frighten Feng Meng a little when she came over.

Anyway here are some items we got from Korea..

Tiny Yakult that costs 100won.

Some funny biscuits that’s everywhere!

With the little Qoo can!

My wallet that Evie gave me :)


All freshened up.

That’s about it.
Time to hit the books again.


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