Seoul 2 Day 3 – Dr Fish!

Well, woke up and headed to Myeongdong to finish what we haven’t seen last week.
But, we were too early, most shops weren’t open.
By 12pm, we were dead shagged.
And we looked up.
And saw “Dr Fish Cafe”.

Actually, days before the Seoul trip, Ying Zhen had plans of visiting Dr Fish.
But it was a full body one.
However the admission fee was pretty costly..
So most of them decided against it.

But anyway…
Have you heard of Dr Fish? :)
Here’s just a prelude to it.

We had to wash our feets before heading in.

Washing the feet before feeding the.. hungry fishies.

Here goes!!

Hungry fishies!

It was really itchy at first.
I was screaming and laughing..
Thank goodness we were the only ones in the cafe!
Btw it was feet only..
But soon after…
We had hands in it too.

And when Evie entered the tank..
The fishes went over to bite his dead skin.. :(
And left me with none.
So I went over to the other tank where I had a tank to myself.
Btw, the fishes here were the largest!
So when they bite, it was not as itchy as the first.. which had smaller fishes.

And Evie one to himself!

That guy, having a low tolerance of itchiness.
Screamed and laughed throughout.
So embarassing!

Too smelly, so fishes were coming up to breathe!

All clean!


Model of Dr Fish Zone!

Entrance of the Dr Fish Cafe!

Dr Fish Videos!

Had some time left before the 5pm KTX Bullet Train back to Daejeon.
So we walked around Daejeon.
Got myself a inner wear in case it gets cold.
And leggings too!
Evie saw this shirt retailing in Giordanos…
And so he walked in.
Tried on… without looking at the price tag.
When he saw it…
He got a shock.
It cost.. 58,000won!
Yes, for a Giordano shirt.
Ok I must agree that the cutting here and design are much better but still…

Before making our way to the Coffee Prince Cafe..
We had some chicken wings..
All too hungry.

But we were kinda lost and had only about 1hr30mins..
To get to Coffee Prince and make our way to Seoul Station.
So we took a cab.

We had really nice locals bringing us right to the cafe..

We reached..
Only to know that it was actually walking distance from Sinchon!

It wasn’t really worth it cos it was quite small.
But knowing we left some footprints there was consolation to us.

Its interior!

The cafe had loads of autographs.
And we spotted some from SG!

Can you spot ours?

Haha :) Here goes.

It was a Coffee Cafe..
But we had Ice Tea!

Us :)

And some pictures with the staff!

The exterior!

And here starts our journey to get to Sinchon within 5 mins!! :(
It was about 1.6km away!

Not exactly walking distance after all!

Rushing back to Seoul Station in 15mins!
Yes, that includes changing 2 lines..
Pardon our tired faces.


The Bullet Train!

Bryan’s funny face!

Scenery from the bullet train!
Oops, nothing much..
Cos I knocked out after like 10mins?
And when we reached, I was quite shocked.
Didn’t expect the journey to be SO FAST!

As all of us were tired.
We quickly settled down in the same cafe we ate the previous time.
It was the only filling and delicious food around.

Shall end the post with this photo.
It should tell how I am feeling right now.

Back to school blues. :(
I am so not looking forward.
3 tests, 4 days.
18 hours of lesson!


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