Seoul 2 Day 2 – Da Chang Jin!

The next day, we went for Breakfast and headed to Da Chang Jin’s filming place!
I promise you loads of hilarious photos.
It’s gonna be image heavy!

It was gonna be a long journey and we had to change several lines.

On one of the trains, a local started speaking to us in English. :)
She was nice.

And we finally reached after an hour!

Headed to the bus stop to take the bus.

On the bridge!

And I saw a fire engine along the way.
Definitely not to be missed.
And one by one, more people joined in the picture.

This is their 7-11 store :P

And yes, we got bored after a while.
The bus was taking really long!

We gave up finally, and flagged for 3 taxis.
Cos we were at the wrong bus stop.
The bus that goes to the filming side doesnt stop here!
But it didn’t take us long to reach there. :)

At the entrance!

Can you tell what’s wrong?
Jiang Yuan and Evie were holding spears of Da Chang Jin..
But Jun Hong was holding a water hose!
Anyway, the three items were placed together, so we found it quite funny and wanted to take a photo.

TADAH! The inside!

The attack of the straw huts!

The toilet!

Huxian who was in jail! LOL

Many nice greenery!

And more straw huts.

I think Jiang Yuan can never stay in such places.
See! He will have difficulties when he stands up!

The great explorers!

San Ge Chou Pi Jiang!

Yi Ge Zhu Ge Liang!

Haha! All light!

Definitely small enough for Evie.

Hehe! Jieyin and me having fun at the windows!

The kitchen!

The hall!

Someone’s cooking!

The backyard!



More kitchens!
What to do? Da Chang Jin is made for the cooking isn’t it?

A modern being?

The great tired explorers!

Everyone! (Almost)

Jen and Ying Zhen

At the top!

This photo is really pretty! Love it!

After exploring for so long.. I thought it was all over..
Until Ying Zhen and Jen told me…
That we are not even 1/3 through the whole area..
And that we were gonna make our way to the side of the Palace!

On the bridge to the Palace!

Now you see me..

Now you don’t!

At the entrance of the Palace!
Are you ready?

The royal kitchen!
Is it any familiar to you?

Sorry, I had to resort to taking with.. paper cutouts? :(

Haha! The big version of what we have at home.

Wishing well!

A rather amusing pose!

The medicinal hall I think.

Korean traditional clothing!

The all-serious-not King!


We were not allowed in with shoes.

In the.. Jiao Zi? Is tt what you call this?

AH look who’s naughty!




Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Don’t ask me why, there were suddenly so many Kings interested in me!


The king and the… fei zi!

The skinny King!
I thought the costume look like some Cai Shen Ye!

Hey, I am a queen who can protect myself!

More roleplay!
All thanks to Evie Li.

Almost everyone!

The Three Kings!

And their General.


The King who wanted to kill me.
Huxian said I was like… Wu Zhe Xian.
The only queen with so many kings!

Sorry, the hair was a little ticklish!

And now I’m all ready for a pose!

The Queen and Fei Zi!

The crazy King!

Mark and Jen!

Mark and Me!
With my dropping hair.


Mark and Jieyin!

Evie and Jen!

It wasn’t long before we got all hot and itchy!

But before we took of the costumes..

And return it to them…


Anyway, it was really fun…
All for 5000won!
Come on, where can you find costume renting at such a cheap price..
Especially at a tourist attraction..
And yet you are allowed to take so many photos! :D
Well, I think it was all worth it!


Bye Da Chang Jin!

It was already 4pm when we left.
And by the time we reach back to Namdaemun in Seoul..
It was close to 5pm!
So hungry!
No lunch.
Immediately stepped into the nearest restaurant which sells edible food!

Seriously, it looks all nice.


The rice tastes horrible!
Like uncooked and rotten! :(

All of us!

With the Paul-Tan (SG Model) lookalike!
He was serving us.
Really nice and patient with all our orders!

Without fail, we shopped around Namdaemun…
Where Mark bought close to 70000won of souvenirs!
Which is rather crazy!
I didn’t get anything.
Namdaemun stuff didn’t exactly interest me.
Ok, except the donuts, and a piece of watermelon (I needed some fibre.) *COUGHS*

So, we headed to Sinchon!

Paper roses!

And we found Uni Qlo again!

Most of them went mad here!
The items were cheap and Jieyin got herself a laptop bag and a pair of slippers.
As usual, I didn’t get anything. :D

The streets of Sinchon!

And after a long day at Da Chang Jin…
I was really tired..

So were the rest…

Found myself a seat!
Took a quick rest..

And made my way to Skin Food where I promised CX that I will help her get her masks.
The facial products here were really cheap!
Seriously. :)
I guess if I have some spare cash and some spare space, I might top up with a few stuff before heading back to SG!

Ok.. and it was time to head back to Myeongdong!

:( Oh. Very tired-looking eyes!

Made our way to Cold Stone Creamery again.
For a rest and a nice cup of icecream!

Tried taking criss cross photos.. but…

And we finally succeeded with myself looking like a monkey. :(

That’s all for Seoul Day 2.
Seoul Day 3 was even better :D
Till then!


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