Seoul 2 Day 1 – World IT Show and Nanta!

AH, have been really busy.
There’s like 3 tests every week.
But managed to sneak sometime to do a quick update.
Else I will be boogled down by blogging on Friday.
Most probably heading to Expo Core to top up on somethings back at Dorm. :)

We left early on Friday to head to Seoul.
It was a school-shuttled event :)
As we were heading to the World IT Show!
Basically, its not like a gadget selling show, but more like a trade show.
Yes, like SG’s CommunicAsia.
Well, it sounds all cool, but nope, it was rather boring.
Ok, except for those new inventions you don’t see in SG’s Communicasia!

We brought Huhu along with us!

The bus had a toilet roll thingy hanging from the top.
So wierd!

The guy from Dublin. :)
Momo. Lol, our Korean teacher gave him that nickname.

Outside the Coex Mall.
Aka SG’s Suntec City. ;)

Singapore’s Next Yao Ming!

And the phototaking started again, all thanks to Evie.
With everyone else (:

The World IT Show!

A real motion simulator!

The pen which writes on a piece of paper and gets transferred to the screen!

The 4D thing :)
And nope, its much more nicer than those you see in SG’s 3D.
How special, I have no idea how to describe in words.
You gotta be there to see it!

The first robo!

And many more!

Here are some videos!

The water pipe that has no pipe. :)
It actually just uses physics principles of pressure.

As we still had about 2 hours to go before meeting up as a group again…
We headed downstairs to check out the mall.

With Purin, my all-time favourite cartoon character!



The things Korea is famous for!

Haha, and Evie found something cute.

Ate this for lunch, the other food didn’t exactly interest me.

Haha :P

The wishing fountain :P

Headed to Artbox and got about 15 notebooks for 8000won!
Tell me, how cheap is that! :D
Yay, more notebooks to use for note writing in SG!

Cookie friends!

Evie got this at a vending machine and he insisted on taking a photo with it cos it was small and adorable.

Bridge :P

Our next stop was the Nanta Performance :)
Well, it was all sponsored by the school so.. tEehee.

With the signboard. :P

At the entrance!

In the show :P

The souvenir they gave us :D

And we passed by City Hall where we saw them protesting!
So many TV channel vehicles!
Like as if they were expecting something huge anytime soon!

A rather nice statue.. in the shape of a cone!

And the school was so generous, they even sponsored our dinner!
Ok la, I think it is all paid for by our program fee.
But anyhow, let’s just think they are nice ok? :D

The Korean steamboat? :D
It was alright, just spicy!

On the way back to the Motel…
We found Wall-E’s friend.

And nice looking cafes!

Finally, we reached the motel.
Checked in and went for night shopping :)

But we got tired after a while..
And Jieyin recommended Cold Stone Creamery..
She said it was an icecream store that was rather famous in NY City…

So off we headed in!


The icecream done on a cold stone!

TADAH! THE SELF CREATION OF… Strawberry with gummy bears!

After which, we were all recharged and off we headed to Dongdaemun again!
Well, what to do, most of the streets were closed at night except for Dongdaemun!

Got myself a nice striped top and a sunglass shirt..
It was a good bargain… all for 15000won!
Anyway, you will see the shirt in the next post!
Till then!
Wish me luck for my tests!


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